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DunDraCon 45 COVID Policy

DunDraCon will require vaccination for COVID-19, with no exceptions, for membership at DunDrCon 45. We also will require masks for anyone not specifically exempted by CDC policy and present Santa Clara County regulations.

Please refer to our full policy statement

We are currently accepting game demo proposals, and as has been in past conventions, it is important that we get your submissions earlier rather than later. We always have a lot of games, and it takes a while to arrange and massage the data--we can't wait until December for that and hope to have a well-planned convention.

Do you have a game released in the last six months, presently in Kickstarter, or with final art and game materials from your publisher? Or for new release of a supplemental rules/materials set to an existing game you have created and published? If so, we may be able to provide demo space for you.

We no longer comp presenters for running demos. Demos might be scheduled ahead of time; many demos will be scheduled at the last minute to take advantage of late cancellations of other games. As such, we might not have room for everyone's demos, and cannot guarantee space unless and until we contact you, before or at the con.

If you are affiliated with one of our dealers: Demos affiliated with dealers will have priority in scheduling if the Dealers’ Liaison has space available for demos at the time of the request. Otherwise you must either have a full-privilege dealer badge, pay for one, or else have a comped badge for other reasons. In such cases, the request is treated like any other demo request (see below).

If you are registered for our Protospiel: The Protospiel will include sign-up for space on a first-come-first-serve basis for new products, apart from those games being developed in the Protospiel. You must be registered for the Protospiel by February 1st to be eligible to use this space. We will post game listings just outside the Protospiel area with lead time as circumstances permit.

All other demos: We will schedule space ahead of time for other demos to the extent the available space is not taken by existing dealer affiliates. Additional space may open at any time due to cancellation or relocation of events; right up, to and even during, the convention. Before the convention, we will try to schedule you, up until the Monday before the convention. At the convention, we may allow direct sign-ups for open space. Game schedules will be posted just outside the Protospiel area with lead time as circumstances permit.

All demo presenters are expected to have table displays as well as such other promotional material as you wish to offer. This is to your advantage, and also assures us you have a real product to demonstrate. Presenters should anticipate that tables will be 3'x6'. Larger tables may be available due to cancellations, but cannot be promised.

Demos for a particular game are limited to one 3-hour session per day, but if demand is low we may authorize additional sessions.

Please do not offer games which are not committed to a publishing program. You are welcome to play your games in open gaming, and we also encourage you to join our Protospiel, which has room for drop-in designers during the convention.

Please read our Game Policies before submitting a game.

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