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Events Errata Sheet

The errata sheet lists all changes made to the schedule after the Program Book has gone to press.

This Errata is current as of Feb. 16.

Cancelled Games

P42 Zombicide: Toxic City Mall; Frank Alonso

P47 Steam; Scott Fischbein

202 The Library (Cliff Notes); Emily Gardner

203 Demons Within; Conor Milan Gordin-Rhone

220 Norman Munchkin goes to the Sunless Citadel; Sherman Cater

221 Ruins of the Traldar; George Gardea

222 The Mythos Mishaps of the Miskatonic Glee Club; William Lee

308 Unwilling Ambassadors; Craig Robertson

348 Steam; Scott Fischbein

351 Eldritch Horror - Storms at sea; William Rawls

643 Elder Sign - The Gates of Arkham; Frank Alonso

650 Evil Dead 2; Scott Albrecht

807 It's Just a Baby...What Could Possibly Go Wrong?; Craig Robertson

Schedule Changes

Player Number Changes