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Events Errata Sheet

The errata sheet lists all changes made to the schedule after the Program Book has gone to press.

This Errata is current as of Feb. 17 8:00 AM.

Cancelled Games

P03 Ghosts of Hosnian Prime GM: Walter Manbeck

114 Buster Wonder Who Wash the Lion GM: Mark Schynert

121 Wonderguy and Ultrawoman Go On a Date GM: Tom Rafalski

213 Big Rig GM: Sean Schoonmaker

263 Battle for Monolith GM: William Butler

268 Loubino 1812 GM: David Moody

302 The Quick and the Undead GM: Paige Lowe

312 Agent, Secret Agent GM: Tom Rafalski

402 Anwe, the Last Island GM: Anton Dovydaitis

403 Noble Power GM: Mark Dailey

564 1st attack of the 1st Succession War GM: Nathan Kajikuri

567 Battle of Hoebos VI GM: David Moody

621 No (Heart) for Darkness GM: Dan Shimizu

702 Protect Uncle Lou's Inn! GM: Tom Rafalski

742 Ain't No Cure for the Smuggler's Blues! GM: Geo Feil

761 Dog Fight over the Front GM: George Gardea

Pericles Demo Game War College

Restored Games

648 Is That Bird Flu Or Are You Sick of Seeing Me? GM: Jason Unck

Schedule Changes

Not a change, per se, but games 541 and 542 are really on Sunday, as their DDC number and placement would suggest, rather than on Saturday, as they are listed in the Convention book.