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Online Game Registration

For the convenience of our members, we offer electronic sign-ups for all our official games. You can look at the games offered in each session, choose your preferences for each session (or only some sessions), enter those choices on our handy electronic form, press the "Send Form" button, and there you have it: no need to submit even one paper form at the convention.

You must be registered as a member of DunDraCon to use convention game registration. If you are registered, your 4-digit DDC ID can be found on your badge. Please use this number in the form below.

Some things to keep in mind for Game Registration:

Online Priority

If you have an Online Priority (you will have been informed if you have), you may use our Online Priority Page.


You can override any of your electronic choices on the Override page or, an Override slip, available at the Game Reg table. These slips are larger and bright red for easy identification. If you have a Priority slip, Game Reg staff will automatically default to the choices on it, but you can write "Override" on it for more clarity.

Requestor Information




Game Selections
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