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DDC 48
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Parking at DunDraCon

The Santa Clara Mariott has plenty of parking, and should be able to accomodate all our attendees.

If you have a room, tell the front desk you have a car when you check in and your room key will be activated for in-and-out parking privileges; $5/day will be added to your bill.

If you're day-tripping, take your parking ticket to the hotel front desk and pay $5 to get it validated before you leave. (No in-and-out privileges, but still much better than the regular price!)

Another good reason to stay at the hotel!

How To Validate Your Parking Ticket

Please Use The Portable Tablet To Scan Your Parking Ticket For The Discounted Rate Of $5 Per Car

Payment Options:

**Scan Your Entry Parking Ticket For The Discounted Rate Prior To Paying**

1. To pay by cash, please stop by the front desk.

2. Text PAY to the number on your entry parking ticket to pay by credit card.

3. To pay for parking at the exit gates:
Step 1: Scan your Entry Ticket Barcode OR Enter your Phone Number
Step 2: Once the Amount Due screens pops up, insert your credit card.