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Free Swapmeet

Salon FGH

Seller's Set-up: 8:30 AM
Entrance of the Buyers: 9:00 AM

As an experiment, this year we're replacing the tiny Buyers' Bazaar with a swap meet in Salon FGH. Merchandise rules: used games and related items and original art. But tables are free, first come first served!

There will be Green Shirts and Volunteers around to sort out the mess. Please listen to their instructions.

If you want to sell, be there at 8:30 to set up. We'll open the doors to buyers at about 9:00, maybe a bit later. If crowds prove to be large, we will restrict the flow at the entrance to keep everyone (like fire marshals) happy. Your patience is appreciated.

Why did we do this? Well, the Bazaar was not a great use of the space - we've been keeping an eye on it, and finally felt that the space could be better used for events. So the Protospiel has moved from the San Ramon room to Salon C, and will run all weekend. The Bazaar has become a free swapmeet on Monday, and the War College has been folded into the Seminar schedule in Tri-Valley 2.

This is an experiment! Do we expect it to run smoothly first time out of the gate? Frankly, no. We haven't done a flea market in many, many years, and back then it was never smooth (let alone the times we were told by the Fire Marshal to move lines or shut it down). ). But depending on how it goes, we can adjust it in coming years.