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San Ramon Room

Saturday 9:00 AM - Monday 5:00 PM

Protospiel is Back!

After a super successful premier last year, with over 28 designers testing over 70 prototype games, DunDraCon is happy to host another 3-day Protospiel game event with sponsors, prizes, and the chance for all DunDraCon members to try out great new board, card and role-playing games that havenít yet made it to a game store near you.

Game Designers

Any convention member, from veterans to rookies, can bring in their unfinished tabletop games for testing, feedback and refinement. Your games can be at the very earliest prototype stage, or polished and ready for BETA testing. We welcome all game designers and types of games. You can expect playtesters from the hundreds of eager DunDraCon convention members to provide useful feedback for your game. Test new player experience, rules comprehension, systems balance, fun factor, engagement, art direction, and all aspects of your game design. Tables are open in a first come, first serve, basis.


All DunDraCon members can participate in the exciting games and get a chance to meet the incredible designers. While playing you provide useful feedback and unique insights for consideration in the design of an unpublished game. Playtesters can just drop-in, meet a designer, and play any game that has space at any time. Your participation will not only gain you the gratitude of the game designers for your favorite genres, but also tickets to win prizes donated by the DunDraCon Protospiel sponsors. No sign-ups, no need for game registration, and likely no waiting as new sessions are starting all the time. If a game has a rule you really donít like or didnít understand, for once you can say so, and help influence better games! Of course, because you are playing a game with its designer, you will probably learn more and faster while helping them out.

Protospiel Community

Besides prizes, snacks and fun games you will also be part of this amazing collection of great players and designers supporting tabletop game development.

Remember, all designers are also expected to spend time testing other designerís games. This is a way of paying back and paying forward for the help you will be getting back. If you canít find an empty spot to run your game, ask the friendly Protospiel staff to help you locate a table. Be kind to other designers and donít hog tables for extended sessions.

For regular updates, check out the DunDraCon Protospiel Facebook group.


Current Protospiel Offerings

Joe Brogno

Biographical Notes: Not yet published, though on the verge; Working a deal with one of my earliest designs - Power Surge!

Black Market
Play as famous smugglers reaching for even higher fame in a new solar system. Secretly find, collect, and return rare goods for notorious contract holders.

Keethor Games

Biographical Notes: New Designer based out of Marina California

Forged from Ruin
Area Control game set in the Post Apocalypse. Players Scrap and scheme to gather resources and fight threats on a changing Cityscape.

Matthew Byrtus

Biographical Notes: First attempt at publishing my own product but have been gaming for over 20 years.

7 Dark Suns
4X card game in 90 minutes

Scott Caputo

Biographical Notes: Scott is a member of the League of Gamemakers and the designer of Voluspa and Kachina.

Ruthless Pirates
It be the plunder of a lifetime on the high seas, but how to split the treasure among so many greedy, blood thirsty pirates?

Whistle Stop
Lead your trains across America in the days of Westward expansion in this tile-laying, pick-up-and-deliver game.

Glenn Cotter

Biographical Notes: Bringing together my love of games and movies to make Box Office Battle.

Box Office Battle
Box Office Battle is a satirical take on the film industry where you are the head of an aspiring movie studio.

Brian Cronin & Adam Cabrera

Biographical Notes: I am gaming enthusiast and designer currently obsessed with card games. I am working on an asymmetric heist card game called One Last Job now. This is my first table top game but I have published 3 PC games in the past.

One Last Job
A two player asymmetric heist card game. Plan, recruit, and find the perfect window to execute that One Last Job. Featuring hidden information, bluffing, and deck building.

Rick Dean

Biographical Notes: Card & storytelling game designer based in Berkeley. Focused on creating games that spark imagination, mystery, and cooperation.

The Box
A storytelling game about collective imagination and discovery.

Michael Dunsmore

Biographical Notes: I am new local game designer trying to break into the industry. I started playtesting my first prototype almost a year ago, and I have several more to try out this convention season.

Rush Hour Race
A fast-paced card game about driving slowly. It's a race where the catch is you can only drive as fast as the traffic in front of you.

Real Time Slaughter
It's your favorite RTS video game turned into a tabletop experience! Build units, upgrade your base, unleash special powers, and conquer the battlefield before your opponent does.

Poppy Jasper Games

Biographical Notes: Publishers of two successful KS games: Lost Woods and Gnomi. We make family friendly games.

Potion Crafters: a Legacy Game
Apprentices gather ingredients to make potions in the evolving land of Hod.


Biographical Notes: I self-published Crazier Eights through a successful Kickstarter in 2014. I am working on new versions of Crazier Eights and other games, mainly card games.

It's a combat-oriented deck building game. It's a bit like a mix between Magic: the Gathering and Dominion. You buy cards for your deck and play them for free.

Crazier Eights: One Thousand & One Nights
Crazier Eights is similar to Uno except every card can be played for an effect. The first player with zero cards in hand wins. Based on the Arabian Nights.

Crazier Eights: Olympus
Crazier Eights is similar to Uno except every card can be played for an effect. The first player with zero cards in hand wins. Based on Greek mythology.

Crazier Eights: Wrath of Thor
Crazier Eights is similar to Uno except every card can be played for an effect. The first player with zero cards in hand wins. Based on Norse mythology.

Crazier Eights: The Bible
Crazier Eights is similar to Uno except every card can be played for an effect. The first player with zero cards in hand wins. Based on the Hebrew Bible.

Luke Laurie Games

Biographical Notes: Luke is the designer of Stones of Fate and co-designer (with Tom Jolly) of Manhattan Project: Energy Empire

Asteroid Mining Game
Tile building and economic game. Explore the asteroid belt, mine for resources, bring new recruits from Earth, and construct your space station.

Worker placement, area control. Build bridges between floating sky islands in a fantasy world. Move your people across the bridges, and prepare for violent elemental storms.

Scott Caputo & Luke Laurie

Biographical Notes: Both Scott and Luke are members of the League of Gamemakers. Scott is the designer of Voluspa. Luke is the designer of Manhattan Project: Energy Empire. This is their first collaboration.

Rising Tide
Take control of a construction company and compete to build scaffolding and buildings in order to save as many people as possible from the rising sea levels.

Mousechief Co.

Biographical Notes: Keith Nemtiz is a veteran of the video game industry and a successful independent. He has come to table top games, like a successful creative of the film industry would challenge their abilities in the world of theater.

Nightlife: Swing the Deal
Big business, social maneuvering, at venues swank and rank in the 1950s. Each game plays like a soap opera episode, in the high pressure world of society's elite.

Katherine Ogden

Biographical Notes:

Test your friendships and family bonds with the trollish love child of Uno and Blackjack. Less card counting and more backstabbing.

BARD Games

Biographical Notes: Gamer, designer and founder of BARD Games. Three successful Kickstarter games and now several new concepts headed for publishing.

Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby
Featuring never before seen art of a world renowned illustrator, the Lost Worlds is a press your luck dice rolling game with a panel flipping discovery component. Semi-cooperative play, low complexity.

Pocket General
WW2 themed strategy game. Players take turns committing military units to capture key locations and win the war.

Beautifulharmony Multimedia

Biographical Notes: I've been a micro-.pdf publisher of scenarios for Hero and Fudge for many years. I've written material for other publishers.

For approximately one year, I was a partner at BlackWyrm Games until the company dissolved (the brand is still active under High Rock Press by one of the other partners who bought out the IP), and during that time we released several books, including an Indy hybrid game called 'At The Hands Of An Angry God,' along with large vinyl game mats.

I'm currently designing my first hybrid Board/Card game with RPG elements, along with various RPG projects.

I'll show them
Card/Board game with some RPG elements where players are villains attempting to undermine each other and Society to reign supreme.

Black Straw Games

Biographical Notes: John Shulters & Sarah Graybill. Black Straw Games is a game design studio based in northern California. We attended 13 playtest events in 2016 and pitched games at 2 publisher speed dating events and as a result are awaiting offers on two games, Rocket Squad and Barricado. We will be bringing late-stage prototypes to DunDraCon for final playtesting and refinement.

Oolong is a strategy game of area control. Take turns with your opponent placing stones on areas of the board, where your play tells your opponent where they are allowed to play next.

Barricado (themed version)
Barricado is a strategy game of tile placement and area control where players choose on their turn between control of the board (by placing tiles) or claiming territory (by building barricades)

Josh & Stephanie Sawyer

Biographical Notes: With over 20 years of experience in and around the game industry, we bring our expertise to the types of games that we want to see on the tables. We are presently a small mom and pop operation, but we have great passion and ambition to bring some unique, high quality games to the marketplace.

Haven's Heroes
Assume the role of an up-and-coming super hero. Collaborate and simultaneously compete against one another in a series of whimsical catastrophes with the hope of becoming the next great hero.

Smugglers Run
Take control of your very own spaceship as you attempt to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents in a desperate race of cargo delivery!

Mark Schynert

Biographical Notes: Editor and co-author of the Compleat Arduin RPG, 1989. Events Scheduler for DunDraCon since 2007. In between, and back to the Seventies, lots of homegrown game design.

Letters of Marque & Reprisal
Age-of-sail fleet battles, privateer raids, and selling the treasure, in 30-90 minutes. Diceless.

Age of Nations
Each player commands a nation state advancing through multiple ages from medieval to global. Role choice like Puerto Rico, limited PvP combat, colony competition, multiple currencies, some assymetric victory conditions.


Biographical Notes: Tucker Smedes. CardLords has evolved from a company that produced tokens for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game to a full game design and publishing company with the goal of creating fun, easy to understand tabletop games for players of all ages. The drive behind CardLords is an emphasis on interactive game design and a passion for high quality artwork. Our first full fledged game was BattleGoats, released in 2016.

Take the Gold!
Take the Gold! is a 2-6 player fast-paced draw-and-play "take that" card game that plays in about 10 minutes.

Ramon Talley

Biographical Notes: I have aspired to be a game designer since I was a kid and this is my first attempt at publishing a game. My game designs have always been well received by friends and family, now I hope to entertain the masses at the Dundracon Protospiel.

Strong Suit
Draw two cards and play the highest face value. Unlock combos for bonus points and play until the deck is gone. High score wins.

Gabriel Taylor

Biographical Notes: Long-time gamer and creative, first-time creator. Could be interested in the idea of Kickstarting this game into publication!

Liege of the Pit
Benevolence or betrayal? Liege of the Pit is an RPG inspired board & card game that gives you opportunities to cooperate or back-stab. What lines are you willing to cross?

Luke Laurie & Tom Jolly

Biographical Notes: Luke is the designer of 'Stones of Fate.' Tom Jolly has developed 'Wiz Wars' and a number of other games. Luke and Tom together are the authors of the recently-released 'Manhattan Project: Energy Empire.'

The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire--expansions
Expansions to The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire

John Vang

Biographical Notes: I am a new designer from northern California.

Magical Menagerie
Magical Menagerie is a card game where players tame monsters with magical abilities to earn prestige points in the Grand Monster Tournament.

Jay Vowles

Biographical Notes: I am currently developing my first two games.

Elements of the Gods
A game of gathering worshippers, building temples, and harnessing the power of the elements.

Dying Suns
A deck-building adventure card game about exploring a dying galaxy and collecting the rarest of rare goods before it's too late.