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DunDraCon Protospiel

The DunDraCon Protospiel

This will be our 6th year of the amazing DunDraCon Protospiel. As always, we will have dozens of game designers and many of them bringing multiple prototype games. These are original, unpublished, board games, card games, and role-playing game designs you can't buy in a store yet. The designers are looking for your player feedback and your uncanny way of breaking their rules. This 4-day Protospiel game event will have: sponsored prizes, daily raffles, snacks, and the chance for all DunDraCon members to test out next year’s greatest games.

Game Designers

Any convention member, from veterans to rookies, can bring in their unfinished tabletop games for testing, feedback and refinement. Your games can be at the very earliest prototype stage, or polished and ready for BETA testing. We welcome all game designers and types of games. You can expect playtesters from the hundreds of eager DunDraCon convention members to provide useful feedback for your game. Test new player experience, rules comprehension, systems balance, fun factor, engagement, art direction, and all aspects of your game design. Tables are open in a first come, first serve, basis.


All DunDraCon members can participate in the exciting games and get a chance to meet the incredible designers. While playing you provide useful feedback and unique insights for consideration in the design of an unpublished game. Playtesters can just drop-in, meet a designer, and play any game that has space at any time. Your participation will not only gain you the gratitude of the game designers for your favorite genres, but also tickets to win prizes donated by the DunDraCon Protospiel sponsors. No sign-ups, no need for game registration, and likely no waiting as new sessions are starting all the time. If a game has a rule you really don't like or didn't understand, for once you can say so, and help influence better games! Of course, because you are playing a game with its designer, you will probably learn more and faster while helping them out.

Protospiel Community

Besides prizes, snacks and fun games you will also be part of this amazing collection of great players and designers supporting tabletop game development.

Remember, all designers are also expected to spend time testing other designer's games. This is a way of paying back and paying forward for the help you will be getting back. If you can't find an empty spot to run your game, ask the friendly Protospiel staff to help you locate a table. Be kind to other designers and don't hog tables for extended sessions.

For regular updates, check out the Bay Area Protospiel group pn facebook.

If you want to request room in the protospiel lounge, click this button:
Test your new game



Current Protospiel Offerings

Beautiful Harmony Multimedia

Biographical Notes: I've done various tabletop RPG products since the early 2000s both freelance and self-publish.

Origin Story
Characters start as normal folk and gain random powers and complications throughout the adventure.

Gathermeet Games

Biographical Notes: I'm an aspiring and unpublished tabletop game designer. I hope you like my game. Please help me improve it.

Weirworms: Nesting Season
A sandbox card game featuring behemoth worms. Weirworms plays like a miniature-game-plus-board-game mash up.

Ian Norris

Biographical Notes: Ian has been working on a cat-themed board game for two years, and hoping to continue refining on it for a planned Kickstarter next year! Also have connections to BackerKit, as someone who has worked there for two years.

Kitty Commitee
Please your cats and mess with other player's cats in a chaotic, strategical mess to gain the most affection from your kitties in Kitty Committee

Shandy Brown

Biographical Notes: Hobbyist game designer, 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns for board game accessories. boardcrafting.com

Genesis of Destiny Supreme!
A (mostly) co-operative dice-drafting game where your 3-piece band gigs its way from garage to super-stardom!

Dead Alive Games LLC

Biographical Notes: Dead Alive Games ran a successful Kickstarter to fund Omicron Protocol, an intra-apocalyptic squad-based miniatures game, in 2019. Formed in 2018 by Brendan Kendrick and Bernie Lin, they focus on making games that are story-based, inclusive, and fun to play.

Shadows Over San Lazaro
Shadows Over San Lazaro is an intra-apocalyptic co-op dungeon crawl game for 1-4 players, where you play a squad of heroes to uncover the mystery behind the crisis affecting the city!