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San Ramon Room

Friday 9:00 AM - Monday 5:00 PM

DunDraSpiel the DunDraCon Protospiel Event

Join us this year for our 3rd annual Protospiel event. We continue to have dozens of game designers and many of them bringing multiple games. These are original game designs you can't buy in a store yet. It will be a 4-day Protospiel game event with sponsors, prizes, and the chance for all DunDraCon members to test out great unpublished board, card and role-playing games.

Game Designers

Any convention member, from veterans to rookies, can bring in their unfinished tabletop games for testing, feedback and refinement. Your games can be at the very earliest prototype stage, or polished and ready for BETA testing. We welcome all game designers and types of games. You can expect playtesters from the hundreds of eager DunDraCon convention members to provide useful feedback for your game. Test new player experience, rules comprehension, systems balance, fun factor, engagement, art direction, and all aspects of your game design. Tables are open in a first come, first serve, basis.


All DunDraCon members can participate in the exciting games and get a chance to meet the incredible designers. While playing you provide useful feedback and unique insights for consideration in the design of an unpublished game. Playtesters can just drop-in, meet a designer, and play any game that has space at any time. Your participation will not only gain you the gratitude of the game designers for your favorite genres, but also tickets to win prizes donated by the DunDraCon Protospiel sponsors. No sign-ups, no need for game registration, and likely no waiting as new sessions are starting all the time. If a game has a rule you really don't like or didn't understand, for once you can say so, and help influence better games! Of course, because you are playing a game with its designer, you will probably learn more and faster while helping them out.

Protospiel Community

Besides prizes, snacks and fun games you will also be part of this amazing collection of great players and designers supporting tabletop game development.

Remember, all designers are also expected to spend time testing other designer's games. This is a way of paying back and paying forward for the help you will be getting back. If you can't find an empty spot to run your game, ask the friendly Protospiel staff to help you locate a table. Be kind to other designers and don't hog tables for extended sessions.

For regular updates, check out the DunDraCon Protospiel Facebook group.



Current Protospiel Offerings

John Brieger

Biographical Notes: John Brieger is a game designer from Sacramento, CA who focuses on making games for both families and hobby gamers. His first two published games are coming out in 2018: Mars Rover from Spiral Galaxy Games and Door Number 3 from Piecekeeper Games.

TBD Short Family Game
TBD Short Family Game

Surf Gods
The Gods are having an epic surfing competition & one where they not only pull epic tricks, but control the waves themselves.

Mars Rover & Mission Packs
Players are rival members of the science teams of famous real missions to Mars. At DunDraCon, we'll be playtesting some of the Mission Pack mini-expansions.

Shandy Brown from Boardcrafting

Biographical Notes: Shandy has been creating tabletop products and accessories since 2011, including wooden laser-cut versions of Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne. He is prototyping 'Deckahedron World', a card-based, casual RPG that takes big inspiration from contemporary board games.

Deckahedron World
A card-based, improvisational RPG (medieval fantasy setting) that takes inspiration from Dungeon World and contemporary board games.

Keith Byrd

Biographical Notes: Game Designer hailing from Marina California. Former touring heavy metal musician now designing Board and Roleplaying Games.

Fantasy Stock Market game using rondel action selection. Cast Spells and summon monsters to corner the market.


Biographical Notes: I am a freelance game designer, specializing in Euro style strategy games. I have had two game published in recent years. One of which is Hangtown - one of Rahdo's Top 10 Western themed games.

Meeples on Main
Meeples on Main is Mancala meets Worker Placement, set in the Wild West.

Scott Caputo

Biographical Notes: Scott Caputo is the designer of Whistle Stop (Bezier Games), Voluspa (Stronghold Games) and two more upcoming games in 2018: Sorcerer City (Druid City Games) and Torii (Pencil First Games). Scott is a member of the League of Gamemakers where he contributes articles on game design topics.

Sorcerer City
Play as wizard architects, building your city 1 tile at a time in 2 minutes. Buy new tiles with new powers, then raze your city to build it over again.

Find your path in a beautiful Japanese garden. Build the twisting paths of the garden. Collect tokens with the help of characters and by passing under torii gates.

Gabriel Cohn

Biographical Notes: Gabriel Cohn is the designer of the recently released Exodus Fleet from Tasty Minstrel Games. He has two other games slated to come out in a few years.

Orbital Architects
Build a Space Station and populate it! Use your space ships to power your actions, but also dismantle them to gather metal. Resource management and worker placement mechanisms.

Divine Intervention
You are a god with the ability to influence ALL of the different civilizations on a planet through a dice-drafting mechanism. In the end, score based on your standing in the pantheons of the various civilizations.

Past Bedtime Game Design

Biographical Notes: Lifelong gamer, new game designer.

Free Luna
Overthrow Terra's oppressive regime and win freedom for your lunar colony by recruiting allies, staging protests, plotting to sabotage the forces of Terra, and igniting a Lunar revolution!

Single Combat
The one-on-one swordfighting simulation card game with a unique Timeline mechanic.

Secret Orbit Studios

Biographical Notes: Designers of innovative analog games based in Berkeley!

The Box: An Object Discovery Game
Discover a Box, unlock its mysteries! This story game will guide you and your friends on a journey of discovery, surprise, and mystery!

Michael Dunsmore

Biographical Notes: Michael is an up and coming game designer. He signed his first game last year, Dice Command: Engage! which was tested at local Protospiel events like this one. Michael has several new games in the works that he would like you to check out.

Backyard Aviators
Backyard Aviators is a family racing game where each player pilots a homemade flying machine made out of balloons tied to a lawn chair.

The Great Ocean
The Great Ocean is an accessible 4X civilization building game. Take your population from a single island to an entire nation spanning the ocean.

In this twist on deck-building you will build teams of secret agents in your dossiers (actual envelopes that you draw) and send them on top-secret missions.


Biographical Notes: I recently published Crazier Eights: Camelot & Crazier Eights: Avalon. I am working on future versions and a deck building game (Magician).

Crazier Eights: Olympus
A gateway fantasy card game inspired by Greek mythology. There's Zeus, Atlantis, Pandora's Box and more! The first player with zero cards in hand wins.

Crazier Eights: The Bible
A gateway fantasy card game inspired by the Hebrew Bible. There's the Ark of the Covenant, Moses, Ashtoreth, & more! The first player with zero cards in hand wins.

Magician: One Thousand & One Nights
A combat-oriented deck-building game. You get money, spend money on buying cards, play cards for free, and attack with characters. Once you take enough damage, you lose the game.

Rob Greanias

Biographical Notes: Zero published games, entering this game into the development contest as well as demoing

Score points by placing flower tokens to match card patterns. Score points both by filling empty spaces on the board and influencing the flower count to favor secret wagers.

Crazy Cockatoo Games

Biographical Notes: Crazy Cockatoo Games is new game company focused on creating and producing crazy fun and crazy good games. You'd be crazy not to play.

More or Less
Play your dice following 1 rule: all adjacent dice must be 1 more or 1 less than the die that is placed. The more you place, the higher your score.

Stained Glass Garden
Compete for the best growing space and the most water and make your flowers the most beautiful in the garden.

BARD Games

Biographical Notes: Starting as most of us did I began gaming with the usual assortment of family board games. In early grammar school I switched almost exclusively to video games (Diddy Kong Racing N64 for those who know), Halo in middle school, and finally to World of Warcraft in high school. It was not until college at University of California, Santa Cruz where I discovered Dungeons and Dragons and began falling in love with board games all over again. Since then I try everything, with the hopes of finding my new favorite game. With BARD Games I intend to bring new marketing and project management strategies to the world of game design and create games that customers love. Join me on this great journey!

Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby
Deploy your rocket ships to explore the worlds in a race to settle, or conquer planets.

Duel of Dragons
Manipulate the elemental dragons to prepare your attack, then bid with your Dragon cards to best all players with every hand.

Bin Lee

Biographical Notes: First time n00b

The Emerald Trounament
Alchemy-themed trading game.

Generously Awkward Games

Biographical Notes: The brainchild of two consummate millennials, Generously Awkward Games is a passion project dreamt up by serial entrepreneurs Austin Lehrer and Alyssa Jayne. With Austin (mostly) in charge of game theory and design, and Alyssa (mostly) in charge of marketing, we're both utterly nerdy about game creation, spending days prototyping, evolving, and debating our current concepts, and nights coming up with a surplus of new ones.

The Truth is Out There
Players are Conspiracy Theorists, making connections between normal everyday Things and common (plus some not-so-common) Conspiracies out of cards provided by fellow players as well as from their own hands.

Roving Vagabond Games

Biographical Notes: First time designer and long time board game enthusiast.

Maze of Minos
Players face off as an escaping Human and pursuing Minotaur through an ever changing maze of tiles.

Slam Games

Biographical Notes: Slam Games is a former video games company, now specializing in board games

The Hollows
The Hollows is a dark struggle against a ruthless and insidious enemy.

Floyd McWilliams

Biographical Notes: Floyd is a software developer and unpublished designer interested in board games with a historical theme.

Through The Fire
In this coop game players defend the Roman Empire from waves of barbarians.

Splice genes to create strange hybrid animals who battle for domination of the Earth's surface!

Josh N.

Biographical Notes: This is my first time presenting a game I've worked on to the general public. I've made a few RPGs in high school and college, but this is my first try at making more classic table-top experiences.

Z-Point Card Game
Z-Point is a versus style card game. Both players play Units of varying strength in line with hidden Tactic Cards to get the upper hand on the opponent.

Ancient Tomorrow
Players take control of an great warrior suped up with future technology. All players have identical decks that can upgrade each character's unique actions.

Keith Nemitz

Biographical Notes: video games previously, working for the industry and independently. My last two games were Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble, and 7 Grand Steps, both available on Steam. Nightlife will be my first, independently developed tabletop game.

Nightlife: Swing the Deal
Big business, social maneuvering at venues swank and rank in the 1950s. Each game is like a soap opera episode, in the high pressure world of society's elite.

Matt Nguyen

Biographical Notes: Video Game Designer and hobby board game designer. Past Titles include South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Rocksmith.

The Adventurer's Guild
A Deep Tableau Engine Building game where you seek to become the first in your guild to complete an epic adventure.

Short Tile Laying Game, with a unqiue twist where you slide your tiles instead of just placing them.

BARD Games

Biographical Notes: A middle school discovery of Dungeons and Dragons in the 80's began Brandon's life long love of gaming. Following years of playing board games and a career in business management, he produced and crowdfunded his first game in 2014, Dubious Alliance. After publishing two more games, he launched BARD Games dedicated to bringing designers, publishers, brands and customers together.

Arcane Knowledge
Can you mislead your fellow fairies, craft the best spells and collect the best set of magic? Only the craftiest fey can win!

Battlefield Earth
The L.Ron Hubbard Sci-fi classic is headed to the board game table.

Mark Schynert

Biographical Notes: DunDraCon Events Scheduler for the last eleven years. I also edited and managed the publication of the Compleat Arduin RPG in the late 1980s.

Duck Farmer
You are a duck farmer, trying to get your ducks to market, but the world is full of peril for ducks, not the least being the other duck farmers.

Nation State
Each player's nation state advances through multiple ages from medieval to global. Role choice, worker assignment, limited PvP combat, colony competition, multiple currencies, some asymmetric point-scoring options, asynchronous position refresh.

Dan Shields

Biographical Notes: First time Game Designer, long time player

Dwarf. Pickaxe. Mountain.
The Dwarves are having a mining competition! Grab your trusty pickaxe and get ready to roll some dice as you dig deep into the mountain to uncover its treasures!

CGC Games

Biographical Notes: Game Designer. Local Design Studio.

Temporal Odyssey: Boss Battles
A co-operative 2 player game with simultaneous play against a series of 20 minute boss battles. A story unfolds with light legacy mechanics that make each time your play this 3 hour campaign a unique experience.

Foxtrot Games

Biographical Notes: Foxtrot Games, owned and operated by Randy Hoyt, is the publisher of several award-winning games including Lanterns: The Harvest Festival and World's Fair 1893. Foxtrot focuses on beautiful and approachable games, especially those with themes that celebrate what's good in the world.

Spy Club
Find clues and catch the culprit like your favorite young detectives! Unlock new content that changes the game every time you play.

August Games LLC.

Biographical Notes: August Games is a game company for gamesrs by gamesrs. We have successfully published our first game via Kickstarter in January 2017 and have plans to publish two more titles in 2018. August Games is known for Dragon Brew, Treasure Mountain and Orctoberfest.

Treasure Mountain
Worker-Placment Dwarf Mining simulation.

Toth Games

Biographical Notes: First time game designers hoping to capture the essence of the most rewarding games we've played.

Legends of the Arena
A dueling game that requires you to outthink your opponent as the battle constantly evolves. Choose your legend and prepare for combat!

Alexander Webb

Biographical Notes: Game design consultant for 5+ years, both tabletop and digital. No personally published games.

Fantasy RPG with a focus on give and take dialogues.