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San Ramon Room

Friday 9:00 AM - Monday 5:00 PM

DunDraSpiel the DunDraCon Protospiel Event

Join us this year for our 3rd annual Protospiel event. We continue to have dozens of game designers and many of them bringing multiple games. These are original game designs you can't buy in a store yet. It will be a 4-day Protospiel game event with sponsors, prizes, and the chance for all DunDraCon members to test out great unpublished board, card and role-playing games.

Game Designers

Any convention member, from veterans to rookies, can bring in their unfinished tabletop games for testing, feedback and refinement. Your games can be at the very earliest prototype stage, or polished and ready for BETA testing. We welcome all game designers and types of games. You can expect playtesters from the hundreds of eager DunDraCon convention members to provide useful feedback for your game. Test new player experience, rules comprehension, systems balance, fun factor, engagement, art direction, and all aspects of your game design. Tables are open in a first come, first serve, basis.


All DunDraCon members can participate in the exciting games and get a chance to meet the incredible designers. While playing you provide useful feedback and unique insights for consideration in the design of an unpublished game. Playtesters can just drop-in, meet a designer, and play any game that has space at any time. Your participation will not only gain you the gratitude of the game designers for your favorite genres, but also tickets to win prizes donated by the DunDraCon Protospiel sponsors. No sign-ups, no need for game registration, and likely no waiting as new sessions are starting all the time. If a game has a rule you really don't like or didn't understand, for once you can say so, and help influence better games! Of course, because you are playing a game with its designer, you will probably learn more and faster while helping them out.

Protospiel Community

Besides prizes, snacks and fun games you will also be part of this amazing collection of great players and designers supporting tabletop game development.

Remember, all designers are also expected to spend time testing other designer's games. This is a way of paying back and paying forward for the help you will be getting back. If you can't find an empty spot to run your game, ask the friendly Protospiel staff to help you locate a table. Be kind to other designers and don't hog tables for extended sessions.

For regular updates, check out the DunDraCon Protospiel Facebook group.

If you want to request room in the protospiel lounge, click this button:
Test your new game


Current Protospiel Offerings

John Brieger

Biographical Notes: John Brieger is a game designer from Sacramento, CA who focuses on making games for both families and hobby gamers. His first two published games are coming out in 2018: Mars Rover from Spiral Galaxy Games and Door Number 3 from Piecekeeper Games.

TBD Short Family Game
TBD Short Family Game

Surf Gods
The Gods are having an epic surfing competition & one where they not only pull epic tricks, but control the waves themselves.

Mars Rover & Mission Packs
Players are rival members of the science teams of famous real missions to Mars. At DunDraCon, we'll be playtesting some of the Mission Pack mini-expansions.


Biographical Notes: I am a freelance game designer, specializing in Euro style strategy games. I have had two game published in recent years. One of which is Hangtown - one of Rahdo's Top 10 Western themed games.

Meeples on Main
Meeples on Main is Mancala meets Worker Placement, set in the Wild West.

Past Bedtime Game Design

Biographical Notes: Lifelong gamer, new game designer.

Free Luna
Overthrow Terra's oppressive regime and win freedom for your lunar colony by recruiting allies, staging protests, plotting to sabotage the forces of Terra, and igniting a Lunar revolution!


Biographical Notes: I recently published Crazier Eights: Camelot & Crazier Eights: Avalon. I am working on future versions and a deck building game (Magician).

Crazier Eights: Olympus
A gateway fantasy card game inspired by Greek mythology. There's Zeus, Atlantis, Pandora's Box and more! The first player with zero cards in hand wins.

Crazier Eights: The Bible
A gateway fantasy card game inspired by the Hebrew Bible. There's the Ark of the Covenant, Moses, Ashtoreth, & more! The first player with zero cards in hand wins.

Magician: One Thousand & One Nights
A combat-oriented deck-building game. You get money, spend money on buying cards, play cards for free, and attack with characters. Once you take enough damage, you lose the game.

Dan Shields

Biographical Notes: First time Game Designer, long time player

Dwarf. Pickaxe. Mountain.
The Dwarves are having a mining competition! Grab your trusty pickaxe and get ready to roll some dice as you dig deep into the mountain to uncover its treasures!