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DDC 46 Schedule of Events

Online Games Registration Online Games Reg starts Feb. 1 and runs until 5:00 on the 21st.
Online Games Registration will be available for the run of the convention - you don't have to leave your game to register for the next session, just use any web-enabled device to enter your choices, or even request a change to your previous choices.

The Session P deadline is 5:00 PM on Thursday, Feb 17.
Note that Online Games Reg is the only way to register for Session P games.

GMs can use online Priority slips, allowing them to use the online system to Priority reg. into games, including during the pre-reg period.

Games Reg  Priority Games Reg  Errata

Information Below The Fold There is information about our "4x5" series of games, an explanation of what makes a game a "Spotlight" game, Demo Games, and more, below the game search buttons.

The Events database currently contains: 144 RPGs
37 Board games
4 Card games
14 LARPs
18 Historical Miniatures games
2 Fantasy Miniatures games
8 Sci-Fi Miniatures games
3 Mixed-Genre Miniatures games
4 Other games
6 Seminars
5 War College
30 Protospiel
4 Kids Room
11 Teen Room
5 Open games
27 Requested Games

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4x5 Games:

Protospiel Seminars War College Fighting Demonstrations Pathfinder Society
Kids Room Teen Room Family Events Spotlight Games Kids Room Teen Priority Room
Painting Events

Open Gaming Requested Games

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By the Basics: Introductory 4x5 Role-Playing Games at DunDraCon Brand new to role-playing games, (RPGs) at conventions? Want to try out an RPG title you haven't played before? Or do you just want to get into a low-powered relatively short RPG with a veteran GM and a smaller roster of players? Sign up for (or even drop into) any of our By the Basics 4-hour 5-player games. They are intended to be accessible to beginners, but they are original handcrafted adventures, run by the GM who wrote or adapted it.

This is not organized play (though we have organized play scenarios at DunDraCon too); there are no ratings, standardized scripts, nor dealing with character registration. Every By the Basics game is scheduled into a private room; it's simply a shorter, more intimate variety of independently-crafted RPG, much like the thousands of RPGs that DunDraCon has scheduled over the years.

This year, we hope to have By the Basics games with three major systems: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, the new Starfinder, and FATE Accelerated. These games have been popular the last couple of years, and are great for new players and long-time role-players alike.

Walk Up and Teen Games Games labeled "Walk Up" are not signed up through Games Registration. Simply show up at the game to see if room is available to play.

Teens can get priority registration for games scheduled in the Teen Room by going to the Teen Room to register for the game. Teens must get their priority registration before the game sign-up deadline. The Teen Room is in the ‘Elite Zone’, which is in the main lobby, across from the Gift Shop and the Bosc & Bartlett Bar.

Spotlight Games There are games we know (or guess) are going to be stand-outs in some way. Spotlight games are spread out across all the subsets of games we offer, if only to help bring those games to the attention of the wider audience that might not concentrate on LARPs or Miniatures, etc.

These games have struck our staff as particularly worthy of notice. Sometimes it's because the GM or troupe has a long-term record of excellence and a unique style. Sometimes it's because it's a visual spectacle. Or it might be a really big games, or series of linked games, or something that ought to appeal to a particular audience, like kids. Or maybe it's a new product debut we think might be of significant interest.

Demo Games Demo Games are drop-in games run by a company to introduce new players (or old players) to their games. A list of Demo games can be found on our Demo Games Page