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Bay Area Gaming Conventions

Just because DunDraCon only happens once a year, that doesn't mean your gaming experience can't happen year round! We encourage you to look into these other fine conventions.

If you know of a convention that we don't have listed, or a change in one we do, please let us know! You can send a note to: our webmaster or fill out our Convention form



Date: Labor Day weekend. September 3-6
Where: San Mateo Marriott Hotel, Santa Mateo
Pacificon is the traditional SF Bay Area Labor Day Weekend gaming convention with nearly 1200 attendees gathering at the Santa Clara Marriott hotel for a weekend of lots and lots of gaming! From the Finest in Wargaming to the 8th annual West Coast Boardgame Championships, the BAPS supported Pathfinder Society, Living Forgotten Realms, the great GMs of Studio Radd, the Original Pacificon War College, terrific LARPS, busy dealers room, or the biggest and best FREE Flea Markets....you'll find something to do with your buddies over Labor Day weekend.
Website: www.pacificongameexpo.com