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Events Errata Sheet

The errata sheet lists all changes made to the schedule after the Program Book has gone to press.

This Errata is current as of Aug 15.

Cancelled Games

P01: Atlantis Rising GM: Jim Puder

102: The Dragons of Silverymoon GM: Obi Kaufmann

213: Invasion of the Binary Buccaneers GM: Stephen Quanci

261: Droid Hunt GM: William Butler

281: Monster Smash GM: Bradford Leaser

361: The Smugglers GM: William Butler

305: Dawn of the Clan of the Cave Hare GM: Norm Albert

310: Guard Duty [second Iteration] GM: Ezra Denney

319: The Candlekeep Multiverse GM: Obi Kaufmann

367: Alien Invasion GM: William Butler

401: Legacies GM: Jim Puder

540: Donner Dinner Party GM: Douglas E. Weed

502: Guard Duty [first Iteration] GM: Ezra Denney

504: Trenchcoat Brigade: When memories outnumber dreams GM: Joe Di Lellio

542: Axis & Allies (1914) GM: Carl Gonzalez-Martin

Drop-in: Monster Smash GM: Bradford Leaser

603: AH Ah ah AHHH - Flaying Alive. Flaying Alive. GM: Derek Cochran

643: Battlestar Galactica/Exodus Expansion GM: Bradford Leaser

608: Terror Stalks Barsoom GM: Norm Albert

609: Liberation at Riverton GM: Charles Picard

612: Runvir's Tomb GM: Christopher Mosier

743: Sheriff of Nottingham GM: Douglas E. Weed

841: Battlestar Galactica: Darkness Before Daybreak GM: Mike Hutchinson

809: Aurora Cove GM: Patrick Riley

814: Day of the Runt GM: Dan Pradanamus

810: 1st Years, Starting Hogwarts GM: Robert Johnston