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Santa Clara Marriott

2700 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara, California 95054
(800) 228-9290

The Santa Clara Marriott is DunDraCon's new home, and we hope to enjoy as a good relationship with the hotel staff and services as we did with the San Ramon Marriott.

To make a reservation, click on this Marriott DunDraCon Reservation link.

Remember to change the dates to show your real planned arrival and departure! If you don't, the software will assume you want it all - and tell you the house is full, because the edge dates are much smaller than the main convention. The initial Monday block filled up in the first hour! The code works only within the range shown here and not outside it, and it doesn't offer alternatives.
Please contact our Hotel Liaison if the link doesn't work correctly for you.

We have Parking! There are enough parking spaces at the hotel to accomodate all our attendees, whether staying at the hotel or commuting for the day. Details

No Smoking in the Marriott Marriott policy prohibits smoking in all guest rooms, restaurants, lounges, meeting rooms, public space and employee work areas.

To accommodate the needs of guests who smoke, they offer special designated smoking areas outside the building.

The Marriott Has a Strict No-Pet Policy The Santa Clara Marriott has a firm no-pets rule. However, documented service animals (but not emotional support animals) are allowed, with no fee. Acceptable documentation consists of a California standard service animal identification tag, or equivalent. (And they mean it! You don't want to think about the fee if the housekeepers report an illicit animal you haven't mentioned, and the trouble from misrepresenting a pet as a service animal is worse.)

If you have any questions or problems, please contact our Hotel Liaison