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DunDraCon Dealer Information

DunDraCon 45 COVID Policy

DunDraCon will require vaccination for COVID-19, with no exceptions, for membership at DunDrCon 45. We also will require masks for anyone not specifically exempted by CDC policy and present Santa Clara County regulations.

Please refer to our full policy statement

Dealers are able to submit their requests starting now, and as has been in past conventions, it is important that we get your submissions earlier rather than later.

Jump straight to Request page

General Information

DunDraCon 45 runs from Friday, February 18,
through Monday, February 21, 2022

Dealers Room Hours

Friday ~9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Setup only
Friday 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Open for Sales
Saturday 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM for Setup only
Saturday 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Sunday 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Monday 9:30 AM - Noon
Monday Noon - 4PM breakdown only

Price per Table:
$300.00 for the first table
$350.00 for each additional table

Contact the Dealer Liaison if you have any questions.

Applying for dealer tables does not ensure acceptance by DunDraCon. Our primary desire is to offer a wide variety of games and game supplies for our convention members and our space is limited. Early application can help, but table reservations are not solely on a first-come, first-serve basis. Chosen dealers will be notified the first week of January, and all tables must be paid for in January. Tables may become available at the end of the month if anyone withdraws from the dealers' room.

Please note that we have tables both against the wall and in the center of the room. You can request tables in a particular location, but that may reduce your chances of participation in DunDraCon.

The acquisition of a dealer space gives the dealer the right to use the space (approximately 6 feet x 6 feet) and reasonable wall space (if any) behind that space. Because of the actual size of the Dealer room, the convention cannot guarantee a strict 6 feet x 6 feet space for every space. Especially on the corner slots of the central island, some overlap of behind table space is necessary. As a compensation of sorts, we will endeavor to make sure only the prime spots (facing the doors, first stop for entering gamers) will have this overlap.

In general, any space in the Dealer Room to which a convention attendee has access must have a mean diameter of 6 feet and an easy path to the fire exit. Aisles between rows of spaces will be about 6 feet wide. Use this information when planning for your displays.

The local fire marshal has ultimate authority over the possible configuration of the spaces.

We can supply electricity at any table if it is required. Other communication and A/V services are available, but may require additional charges.

The Dealer Liaison or another member of the committee will normally be present in the room each day at around 8:30 a.m. and dealers may enter at that time. Saturday and Sunday morning there will be coffee, tea, juice, and rolls of various sorts provided for consumption by the dealers.

General Rules Each dealer is limited to a maximum of four dealer spaces unless granted an exception. The spaces are arranged in the Dealers Room to maximize the selling impact of the individual dealer while maintaining the compactness necessitated by the space available.

The selling, swapping, or giving away of spaces is not allowed without permission of the Dealer Liaison. If it is done without that permission, the space reverts to the DunDraCon committee without refund to the parties in question.

Each dealer space must have at least one responsible person in attendance at all times when the Dealer Room is open. If a dealer leaves the convention early, rights to the dealer space revert to the convention committee in the person of the Dealer Liaison, to dispose of as he sees fit. Dealers who know they are going to be absent at any time should inform the Dealer Liaison as soon as possible.

Dealers are encouraged to offer a personal convention discount on their products or lines. The practice of massive discounts at the last hour of the convention is not fair to those who patronize the Dealers Room throughout the convention. DunDraCon Inc. discourages all dealers from offering discounts at their retail outlets for the weekend of the convention as it conflicts with the general purpose of the convention.

Each dealer is responsible for all necessary and appropriate city, state, or federal licenses and taxes, including any license required by copyright holders of any material being sold or displayed.

The Dealers Room is locked each evening. However, Dundracon Inc. has no liability or responsibility for any theft or damage to merchandise or displays of any dealer. DunDraCon, the committee, and the hotel management shall be held harmless from any and all damages or liabilities due to personal injury or property damage caused by the intentional or negligent acts of a dealer, dealer's agent, or any other person.

No more than two electronic game machines or other electrical devices may occupy any one dealer space. The exact nature of such devices must be specified at the time this reservation is received or no electrical connections can be promised. DunDraCon Inc. reserves the right to prohibit the use of programming that violates copyright.

Each dealer agrees that, in event of any disagreement or conflict with another dealer, member of DunDraCon Inc., convention attendee, or any other person, that he will be bound by the decision of the Dealer Liaison or his authorized representative or the DunDraCon committee chairman if the dispute is with the Liaison.

There is no smoking in the Dealers Room.

Dealers may not infringe on the space specified for the walkways required by the fire marshal with displays or other objects or chairs in front of their spaces, and no dealer may infringe upon wall or table space not part of the purchased space or spaces.

Dealers must have express permission of supervisory hotel personnel and the Dealer Liaison to affix signs, displays, or other objects to any wall or other surface of the convention premises in any way.

One 6 feet x 30 inches or 6 feet x 36 inches (size depends on availability from hotel) table and appropriate chairs will be supplied per space at no extra charge, unless the dealer specifies no need for a table, or requests another table size (check with the Dealer Room Liaison for table sizes and availability).

Product Lines Manufacturers present at the convention have the exclusive right to carry their products if they wish to do so. During the first week of January the Dealer Liaison will contact all dealers with a list of manufacturers attending and the products they have claimed the exclusive right to sell. All other lines are considered open to be sold by any dealer.

Please note that manufacturers are expected to have a fair representation of the lines reserved to them.

The limitation of product lines only applies to game products. Auxiliary items (such as paint and dice), and items of incidental interest to gamers (Japanese anime products, comic books, etc.) can be carried by any dealer.

The sale of illegal reproductions of trademarked or copyrighted items is strictly forbidden. This includes software, miniatures, and video, audio, and printed media.

Items that are either out of print or being sold at higher than list price are not covered by the limitation of product line rules. Please note that this rule will be strictly enforced. As an example, any dealer may sell individual Magic The Gathering cards and booster packs from out-of-print MTG limited series.

Apply for Dealer Space at DunDraCon 45
Do You Need a Demo Table? Game Demos affiliated with dealers will have priority in scheduling if the demo proposal is submitted by December 26th. We need a confirming message from the dealer to our games coordinator, and you must either have a full-privilege dealer badge, pay for a membership, or else have a comped badge for other reasons. Go to our Demo Submission Form to request space. (Please submit a separate form for each different game). Sorry, we cannot offer space for products other than games, and sales should be limited to your table within the dealers' room.