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DDC Policy on Harassment

DunDraCon feels very strongly that attendees should be allowed to play in an atmosphere of harmony and good feeling at the Convention.

Harassment can range from purposely touching someone else against their wishes, invading their privacy, or following them around, to comments or gestures that make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable. This is not an exclusive definition; harassment is as broad as the perception of the harassed. If you feel you are being harassed in any way, and especially if the harassers are persistent, please report this to our Green Shirt staff; you will be referred to a mediator to assist you. Our mediator, either alone or in consultation with others, will hear your concerns and act on them with high priority.

Such a resolution may range from mediation between you and your harasser, to expelling your harasser from the Convention, banning the harasser from some or all future Conventions, or involving local law enforcement if warranted.