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Online Event Submission

Online gaming has grown exponentially with Covid-19, so we give you a place to advertise an event that you'll be running online.

But this form is not just for games - we'll happily post your Podcasts, Webinars, Youtube channels... as long as it is gaming related. Simply ignore any field that isn't relevant to your event.

Note that we will not be matching people up with your event- they will contact you at the Email address you provide.

Note: DunDraCon, Inc., is only providing this form as a way to advertise your online event. We will not schedule your event, provide applications or servers, or otherwise regulate your event in any way. Nor will we regulate who signs up for your event. This is just a way for you to get your event in the public eye; everything else is up to you.

If you'd like to provide a 'poster' for your event, we can accept images in almost any format, but be aware that they will be turned into JPG format and displayed at 3" high on the screem, so plan accordingly - a lot of small print just won't be visible. Send your poster to our Online Game Coordinator and include your game title, so they know which record to attach it to.

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For Recurring events, put in the frequency and day, e.g. "Every Second Saturday"

  AM   PM

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Note: Please limit your Description to 1000 characters or less (about 175 words); If you must have a longer description on-line, please load it to a web page or blog and link to it, using the URL entry available below. Only one link, please; you can include additional links once readers have relocated to your content.