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Loyal Minions of Malevolence

GM: Mander Zander "Mander"
Type: RPG
System: For the Dungeon
Players: 4
Power Level: Characters created during session
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mature Themes
Themes: 18+ Dark Comedy

Occurrance: One Time
Day: Saturday February 13, 2021
Start: 11:00 AM PST for 4 Hrs hours
Virtual Game Software: RollDiceWithFriends.com
Audio/Visual: Zoom
Website: SparkActing.com/for-the-dungeon/

No experience is needed, rules will be taught. “For the Dungeon” emphasizes narrative over strategy, and a player-moldable world over a predetermined one. (Jargon description: “Rules-light PbtA”.) Concept: In this comedy role-playing game you play the hapless minions instead of the heroes. Experience the rush of unquestioning loyalty to a darker power and charging into danger with reckless abandon! Raid villages, scout ancient ruins for artifacts, and protect the dungeon from homicidal adventurers. Aim: Players should attempt to embody what it means to be a minion. Feel free to explore wild and crazy ideas when it comes to your character. This game is designed to lean into the ridiculous. Tone and Subject Matter: A Rated-R-style (18+) dark cartoon for mature adults. Players portray evil characters, and may engage in skullduggery, drugs, seduction, magic, unholy acts, cruelty, violence, death, and foolish disregard for self preservation.

Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene

GM: Saul Morales "Saulster"
Type: Podcast
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Family
Occurrance: Recurring
Day: Saturday
for 30 min hours
Website: gamingperspectives.com

A weekly RPG podcast by a husband and wife team who been playing RPG and Boardgames since they were children. We have made going to conventions our mini vacations. My son has been going to DDC since he was one in 2004. I have been attending DDC a bit longer than that.

Aternium Road D&D 5e Actual Play

GM: Marty Caplan "Midway Tabletop"
Type: RPG
System: Dungeons & Dragons
Edition: 5e
Variations: Donation Game
Players: 6
Power Level: 4TH
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream
Themes: Storytelling, mystery, exploration, hero's journey

Occurrance: Recurring
Day: Wednesday
Start: 8 PM Pacific Time for 3 hours
Audio/Visual: Twitch.tv
Website: Twitch.tv/midwaytabletop

Aternium Road Campaign Aternium Road is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign that streams actual play live every Wednesday at 8pm on Midway Tabletop Twitch and YouTube In the campaign, we follow six people transformed by the journey from our world to the fantastical wonderland of the Aternium Road.