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Trolls of Trestle

Caner Cooperrider

Development Level: Late Beta Test
Style: Intermediate
Type: Card
Length: 1
Players: 2-4

A dungeonless dungeon crawler using cards and dice. Trolls and Monsters are ravaging the animal kingdom of Trestle. Each player directs an asymmetric animal Hero who defeats Monsters for gold and Trolls for victory points. Each player starts by choosing a set of Weapons, Armors and Allies. In each Round all players select an available Destination and then simultaneously carry out that Destination's Event. Battles are fought by strategically arranging your foes and choosing what weapons to attack with. Dice in 3 colors are rolled and often modified using Ally and Hero abilities. Then the dice either hit the Armor or Health of your Hero or your Enemies. Your equipment can be upgraded by bits of Enemy equipment and you can gain additional equipment and Allies. Whoever defeats the most Trolls wins. The game is for 2-4 players, takes 30-45 minutes and is for players ages 8+.
Website: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1q_-fA0kCuy5qLj_pvLVkXXUWJOwGi1VA