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Moons of Eridani

Caner Cooperrider

Development Level: Nearly Ready
Style: Intermediate
Type: Board
Length: 1
Players: 2-6

Moons of Eridani is a simultaneous play explore/exploit game played either competitively or cooperatively. You are an Eridani Exploration Guild member seeking access to the Deep Space Portal. To gain access, you must fly from your home planet of Eridani to the Portal with at least 18 Victory Points. You can earn Victory Points by Interacting with Eridani's Moons and by completing secret Missions gained on your voyage. To do this, you must direct your two ships (a capable Cruiser and an agile Scout) to gather Resources in Conquering, Settling and Harvesting. Your communication link keeps your ships' move plans coordinated and secret, and these moves are planned simultaneously with other players. All Resources you gain can be shared between your ships via their linked teleportation chambers. Can you efficiently navigate through Eridani's moons to gain access to the Portal?
Website: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xNWUI0xrxK5wzkBplQcmX_-KlcaUwT4C