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Lunar Rush

Dead Alive Games

Development Level: Nearly Ready
Style: Intermediate
Type: Board
Length: 1.5
Players: 4

Lunar Rush is a simultaneous-play Euro-style board game that combines bidding, market economics, and tableau/engine-building into a refreshing new genre. You play as one of Earth's four major corporate conglomerates, competing to mine the Moon for the newly-discovered 'wonder materials,' lunethyst crystals and lunarium ore. Every turn, players use their GigaCredits (GC = VP) to bid for the best space routes to and from the Moon. The slower the route, the more you can load on the ship. On the Moon, players simultaneously upgrade their bases and place their astronaut workers to produce the resources needed to maintain the base, as well as Moon goods to sell in Earth's bustling dynamic markets. The game ends after seven turns, and the winner is the player with the most GC! The race to win the new gold rush is on!
Website: https://www.deadalivegames.com/lunarrush