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d0 Games

Development Level: Alpha Test
Style: Complex
Type: Board
Length: 1.5
Players: 2-4

Ouroboros takes place in a land where dragons roam freely and the players that control them are kings. These players are vying for immortality, and it is said that controlling the 3 pieces of the forbidden talisman will achieve that. Players must use their dragons and their alchemical stations to rule the land, fight each other, and cast spells to win the talisman. During a round, players will simultaneously buy ingredients from merchants and prepare spells using those ingredients. The ingredients have a variety of effects, both positive and negative, based on how they're prepared and combined with other ingredients. After spells have been prepared and/or used, players will again simultaneously choose where to send their Dragons across the map. The end goal is to find the talisman, but your immediate goal is to search the land for ingredients, conquer cities (for taxation), and potentially fight other players (though combat is minimal). Deterministic capture-the-flag eurogame, 2-4 players, 90 minutes.