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Jonathan Pang

Development Level: Alpha Test
Style: Casual
Type: Board
Length: 1
Players: 2-4

In the fallen world of Eden, you play as one of the four sentient races that inhabit the land; Old oaks of the forest, Unagee of the lakes, Burdburd of the mountains and Hoo-man, which is mankind. Each of these races possess diverse and unique abilities that can help them navigate this world. Hunt for food, explore the land and procreate to your hearts content as you try to gain as much ground in this fallen world. But watch out as your fellow races try to outsmart one another through skirmishes and unique abilities or even turn the game around with powerful Knowledge cards. The game ends when 4 calamities befall the world or one of the races gets wiped off.
Website: http://tinyurl.com/49hh6jny