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Neal Donnelly

Development Level: Late Beta Test
Style: Intermediate
Type: Board
Length: 1.5
Players: 3-6

In Commons, players compete to build the best city while negotiating policies that govern everyone's behavior and incentives. Cities produce not only wealth and influence, but also pollution. Though they're competing, players face a collective action problem to manage the pollution and resulting disasters. Lobbying for policies creates lively roleplay around growth, wealth, and shared responsibility. Commons is played in six rounds, each of which has five phases: Collection: Players collect wealth, influence, and pollution from the developments in their city. Conference: Players propose and vote on policies that change the rules of the game. Players can spend their influence to have greater control over policies, or bluff to convince other players to waste their influence. Allocation: Players secretly allocate their wealth between constructing new developments and mitigating their pollution. Construction: Players use the wealth they've allocated to construction to build developments.