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Alex Flagg

Development Level: Early Beta Test
Style: Complex
Type: Board
Length: 1.5
Players: 2-4

Bootstrap is a highly interactive, mid-heavyweight economic game in which you play young tech entrepreneurs in the golden age of Silicon Valley. You begin the game with a product idea, a little money and fewer assets - but with some luck and canny play you can come out on top. During each round, you and your opponents will take turns drafting dice to play as projects, ranging from engineering new technologies to trading stocks to courting investors and advertisers. The Valley is a tight community, and not immune to stealing, so time a player acts, opponents with sufficient talent can copy their action themselves! As you play, you'll earn money by selling stock, developing and licensing out new technologies to fund your plans. After 4 rounds, CES occurs and players can spend their developed resources to become Products, netting them cash, new talent, and increasing their share price. At the end of the game, the company is valuated to be sold based on its shares, devloped talent, held patents, and a hostile takeover.