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Kill the Mall

Alex Flagg

Development Level: Alpha Test
Style: Casual
Type: Card
Length: 0.5
Players: 2-5

Kill the Mall is a light-weight, card-drafting economic game of vulture capitalism, in which players are hedge fund managers who are buying up a failing mall to pump and dump its stock. During each turn, players simultaneously draft cards from their hand, playing both a share in one of the 5 businesses, and an action to manipulate the share values and workforces within the mall. When a business either reaches $0 value or 0 labor, it fails; when 3 businesses fail (or players run out of cards) the round ends. Players are rewarded with value of the shares they bought; fulfilling buy and short orders; and various special actions. The player with the most accumulated wealth in the fund after 3 rounds is the winner and retires at 25 to the Bahamas. This is Kill the Mall's first open playtest, so get ready for some unexpected surprises and a few rough spots!