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Gun It

Randy O Games

Development Level: Nearly Ready
Style: Casual
Type: Board
Length: 0.5
Players: 2-4

A real-time cooperative puzzle for 2-4 players that plays in 15-30 minutes. - A set of tiles are played out onto the table, representing the crew's car and the vehicles and other obstacles around them. - Each player holds just three cards: an equipment card, direction card, and order card. These determine what, where, and when they’ll shoot or drive during the round. Survey the road and trade cards with crewmates. Once time runs out for the round, everyone executes the plan. Can players deal a path of clever destruction, or will they trade their way to disaster? - All the contents of the game are meant to be mixed and matched with a variety of enemies, settings, and accessories. - Your position at the table represents your position in the car!
Website: https://www.randyo.net/gunit.html