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The Bank Robberies

Monday 10A Open Gaming, Grand Ball Room E
GM: Don Satow
Type: RPG
System: HERO v5 and v6
Players: 6
Power Level: 12 DC, 8 CVs, 5 Spd
Variations: No Find Weakness/Lack of Weakness
Genre: Superheroes - Modern

Superior Bank, A banking establishment set up for supers by supers, allows superheroes to collect rewards without being tracked by any government agencies. Over the years, the bank has gotten a reputation for being the safest place to store your money in the world. Spokesman Captain Glory, the Captain Glory from WWII, is making an appearance at the local branch. Now in his late 90s and only looking like he's in his 60s, the Captain is there to sign autographs and help regular people open Super Saver accounts. What could go wrong?!