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Masks of Nyarlathotep (fan-made)

GM: Matt Geis
Type: Board
System: Eldritch Horror
Players: 2-6
Variations: Strange Remnants, Forsaken Lore

Well-executed fan-made expansion to Eldritch Horror, capturing the general plotline of the classic CoC Masks campaign. Day/time depends on who's interested and when we all want to play.
Website: /boardgamegeek.com/filepage/127140/masks-nyarlathotep-expansion

Battlestar Galactica

Sunday 11am Open Gaming
GM: Thomas Crawford
Type: Board
System: Battlestar Galactica
Players: 6
Variations: Pegasus expansion

Semi-cooperative board game where players, taking the role of one of the characters from the TV show, work together to solve missions and crises. However, one or more players is a Cylon working in secret (or openly) to thwart the humans' plans.
Website: /boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/37111/battlestar-galactica-board-game

Merchants & Marauders

Saturday 10am to 2pm Open Gaming
GM: Thomas Crawford
Type: Board
System: Merchants & Marauders
Players: 4
Variations: Seas of Glory expansion (select additions/changes)

Take command of a ship and choose your captain. Based on your captain's strengths (or your own whims), decide to either be a merchant looking to get rich while avoiding pirates, or become the most famous or bloodthirsty pirate captain in the Caribbean.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Saturday 3pm to 6pm Open Gaming
GM: Thomas Crawford
Type: Board
System: Betrayal at House on the Hill
Players: 6

While the players search a haunted house room by room, an evil force is present that will eventually turn one of the players against the others. Find the omens, tools, and weapons needed to survive and get out of the house.

Prowlers and Paragons Demo

Friday 6-10, Saturday 11-3 Open Gaming
GM: Jennifer Shinefeld
Type: RPG
System: Prowlers and Paragons
Power Level: median
Genre: Superhero

Come try out the game called by some the spiritual successor to Champions. Super fast, super fun superheroes! Pre-gens provided. System explained.
Website: /mobiusworldspublishing.com/