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Demo Games at DunDraCon

Demos are drop-in games. They can be found in two locations.

If you are interested in Call of Cthulhu, Chaosium is running several demonstration games in Room 164 on Saturday and Sunday. Era Denney will be running a 2-hour game, starting at noon on Saturday: The Crimson Carnivale - by Leigh Carr: Abandoned by deserting carnies and performers, the few remaining members of the Great Romano Brother’s Circus stand at graveside. The death of the lion tamer is but one of the many blows of fate laid on the shoulders of the investigators. But is it all bad luck and misfortune? Or is something to blame? (Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition - Classic Era, beginners welcome!) Ezra will run the same game a second time in 164, at 3 PM on Saturday.

At 7 PM on Saturday, Todd Gardiner, Director of Organized Play, is running Blood Orgy on Vampire Island - by James Thompson: While the investigators are enjoying a party cruise, one squall leads the yacht to a floundering fisherman's boat and his statements of doom. Warned away from the "cursed" Wolfstone Island, the decadent host can't resist heading to the shores and carrying on the party there. Pre-generated adventurers provided. (Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition - Pulp Cthulhu, 6 players per table, 4 hours long; beginners welcome!)

Todd will offer a second game Sunday at 7 PM, again in 164: The Shooting Party - by Jonathan Mosedale: A crisp fall day hunting in the woods and fields surrounding Highcoombe House is interrupted as two men with antiquated accents confront the investigators before firing muskets and disappearing while gun smoke obscures them. And this is only the first of many strange events to occur over the weekend. Can the guests of the hunting lodge solve this mystery, or are they the ones being hunted? Pre-generated adventurers provided. (Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition - Classic Era, 6 players per table, 4 hours long; beginners welcome!)

The other place to look for demonstration games is the Bishop Ranch Lobby. Polaris Games is offering recently-published Trinity, an abstract strategy game running 10-30 minutes, Polaris will be at Hall Table 5 Sunday at 3 PM for 3 hours.

Another recently released game will be on display Saturday at noon on Hall Table 6, as James Gray introduces a new theme for Crazier Eights—Olympus. Greek Mythology come to life with this gateway fantasy card game. Every card can be played for an ability and the first player with zero cards in hand wins. The display will runfor three hours.

Also, check out Bard Games' big display, which will be hard to miss, set up on Hall Table 3, from 10 AM to 6 PM both Saturday and Sunday. Already with a big Kickstarter success with their card game Fickle, they also will have Pocket General and Sherlock Holmes-Vanishing Man on display, and will be offering chances to play Jordan Nichols' The Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby, which is soon to go to Kickstarter. This 2-5 player space exploration and conquest game takes less than half an hour to play, and you'll get to enjoy the art of Joh Kirby whether you win or lose.

Our thanks to everyone mentioned here for spicing up the con with these cool demos! There will probably be late additions as well, so keep an eye out, especially on the lobby tables.