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DunDraCon 46 COVID Policy

Our COVID policy for the upcoming convention:

Vaccination Required

Without exception we require that all badged individuals have completed the basic set of vaccinations: Two Pfizer injections, two Moderna injections, or one J & J injection. We are strongly encouraging that everyone also get the latest bivalent booster, as it appears likely to cover not only the currently most common strains, but also has a good chance of being effective against a strain that is propagating quickly on the other side of the Atlantic. We are not requiring boosters, nor will we ask for documentation. For our official games, GMs do not have discretion to require booster injections as a condition of playing in their game.

No Testing

We will not test for the virus, nor shall we require anyone to present proof they have taken a test. The tests are not reliable enough to justify the effort and disruption involved. As a baseline, we encourage everyone to test before and after the convention on their own, so we can get a sense of whether our efforts have been effective. This is a request, and is not required.

Common Sense

Do not come to the con if you have a positive test, or are exhibiting Covid-like symptoms. This year, there is some chance that flu symptoms and COVID symptoms will be very similar, but the flu is a very contagious disease, too, so you don’t belong at the con and you may end up being too miserable to enjoy it anyway.

We will vigorously enforce our requirements to the extent we witness problems conforming to these rules, but we cannot be everywhere, so we ask the community as a whole to police itself as well. Players, GMs and anyone else are all breathing the same air in our con space, and the virus just doesn’t care who any of us are, except as ripe targets for its propagation.


For the protection of others, we require a KN95, N95, KF94, or surgical mask while in con-dedicated spaces and adjacent corridors. Any mask that approximates the coverage that N95/KF94 masks provide is acceptable. For your own protection, KN95, N95, and KF94 masks, or equivalent, are best.

Eating and Drinking

Drinking: Drinking will be allowed in all areas of the convention, by means of removing the mask briefly to drink and immediately replacing the mask. Anyone who needs to drink more extensively should move out of con space either to the outside or to another part of the hotel. Straws under the mask are also allowed.

Eating: Unless otherwise specified by a GM in a scheduled (Official) game, eating is allowed in all Open and Official games for single-bite-sized potions of food. If you have to bite off a piece, it’s too big, and not allowed. As with drinks, the mask must be immediately replaced after the morsel is in your mouth. GMs must declare in advance of the convention that there will be no eating during the game, so this information will be available to players during game registration.

Breaks: Official games must have periodic breaks—GMs should discuss this with players at the outset regarding approximate times and durations. A four-hour game might not require much of a break, but GMs of longer games should account for the needs of people to eat and drink (including themselves). This is especially important when GMs do not allow eating during a game.