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Card Game Submission Tips


Card games are normally scheduled in a salon or at one of the Hall tables. If you have special needs for room assignment, be sure to fill in the Additional Information for the Scheduler field in the form below.

Players and Game Length:

Games usually run from two to eight hours, for six or fewer people, though there are exceptions. The Games Coordinator, in discussion with the GM, will dictate a longer or shorter time span if necessary, based on what is usually necessary to run the specified game once, though for very short games, the GM will be expected to run the game multiple times with the same players to fill a minimum of three hours.

GM Compensation and Multiple Games:

A GM will receive a full membership and a priority game registration for running games with an aggregate minimum of 32 player-hours and 6 players. As an example, 2 6-hour games with 3 people each would total 36 player hours (2 x 6 x 3) and would serve 6 people (2 x 3).The GM's time requirements may be accomplished by hosting multiple events in different sessions. The same players may play more than one game with the scheduled players within a scheduled session if time allows, and we encourage scheduling to allow this for games expected to run two hours or less. GMs will be eligible for Priority Game Pre-registration.

We will not schedule more than five games for any GM, and we might not schedule more games than necessary to give the GM a full comp. If running some games is more important to you than others, let us know.

Individual games seating less than 3 people will not be scheduled. Multiple iterations of the same game in the same time slot will not be scheduled. On this last point, it also means we will not schedule two different GMs to start the same title in the same session, so as to give potential players alternative times to play their favorite games. One may mix more than one type of game to satisfy the player-hour requirements, such as an RPG plus a card game. For that matter, working for four hours as a volunteer is the equivalent of 16 player hours if combined with hosting an official game.

Please note that you do not qualify as a player in your own game, so if you want to play in the game, allow for that when you list the number of players you want, or hope you can take an empty seat.

Assistant GMs:

Requests for Assistant GM compensation are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Things to be aware of when making your game request

The first games start on Friday at noon. Don't ask for an earlier start time, it won't happen.

The last game ends on Monday at 4pm. Don't request a 10- or 12-hour game on Monday!

Please read our Game Policies before submitting a game.

We accept submissions only via this website, or an e-mail with the necessary information attached or incorporated in the body of the e- mail. We no longer accept submissions via U.S. Mail, as we need a working e-mail address to communicate with all our prospective GMs.