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Host a Board Game or Card Game

This new feature allows most pre-registered members and some GM applicants to apply to host one board game or card game to play with others in Salon 1 at a time of the host's choosing. We're trying this out to make it a little easier to get people together to play a variety of board and card games, including games that are not suited to GM complimentary membership requirements. All games so scheduled will be on our website and in the program book, but will be strictly drop-in—no game registration is involved.

How It Works

You are eligible to apply for a reservation for your game if you meet the following criteria:
  1. You qualify if:
  2. The game you wish to run is listed on the Board Game Geek website and is already published (no Kickstarters, pre-Kickstarters or home-brew games).
  3. Your game will run not less than 2 hours including set-up and teardown, nor more than 6, as defined by BGG's hour estimate for the base game. Any expansions, enhancements, and house rules that might extend the playing time will not be taken into account, but we will schedule based on the maximum of the range listed. You may request less time than that. Longer games should be scheduled as a GM-qualifying game.
  4. Your game must seat at least 3 players besides yourself. We will assume you are playing in the game.
  5. The game must fit on one of the three table sizes listed below.
  6. You are expected to provide your own copy of the game.
  7. We suggest that you not use this as an opportunity to play a game you have not played before, for the sake of all the players. You run the risk of not finishing within established time restraints.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse to schedule a game for any reason.

There is no cost for this option, and it does not affect any player's scheduling weight within the game registration system. You may include one or more friends, but we prefer that you have at least one seat available for drop-ins.

Submissions before November 1 will have preference over later submissions. There is limited space devoted to this program, and requests will be handled based on specific time preferences only, as noted in the form. We also will not schedule two games with the same title to overlap. As soon as we can place your game, you will be notified, with first notifications probably going out in mid-November.

Please fill out the form below and submit it:

GM Information



Badge Number:
I am a prospective RPG, LARP or miniatures GM eligible for a complimentary membership
I am a presenter for a seminar or War College lecture
I am a senior volunteer
I am otherwise eligible for a full complimentary membership because:

Scheduling Information

(e.g., 2PM-6PM Sat)

5 1/2 Round    6x3 Rectangle    8x3 Rectangle   

Game Information

(in addition to GM)

Standards Descriptions

All materials must be provided by GM