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Game Submission Notes

GM Perks

As an official Game Master, you will be an integral part of the convention, since GMs like you provide a very large proportion of DunDraCon's total content each year. And because of that, we offer perks to GMs who meet minimum requirements, including complimentary full memberships for the convention and a priority registration for an official game. See each type of game for further details. And of course, you'll also have a badge with a spiffy 'GM' ribbon attached - no one else gets those!

The vast majority of those who submit games are scheduled, and qualify for complimentary membership, so separate payment and registration in advance is unnecessary.The Events Scheduler works closely with Registration to make sure that all GM information is supplied to Registration before the convention. For those few who don't get scheduled, they will be able to use the prevailing pre-con rate from the time they sent in their proposal, at the door of the convention. In other words, if you submit a game in mid-December, but it can't be scheduled, you'll be entitled to pay the pre-reg. rate for a full membership at the door, and all of your information will already be on file at the main registration desk. If you do happen to register separately before the convention, we will refund your membership payment as soon as we are aware of it, both to make sure you have full use of your own money, and to keep our books as clear as possible of refunds at the convention.

Games for Kids and Teens

If You're Interested in Running a Game for the Teen Room: Teen room games should not be simplified or easier than other games, though they should generally be kept to "Family" or "Mainstream" content. Games run in the Teen room should meet the same high standards as games in other areas. What sets Teen Room games apart from other games are GMs who are ready, willing and able to run games for non-adult players. Adults are welcome to play in any Teen Room game, but Teens will always have priority!

Explanation Teen and Kids Room vs. Teen and Kid Friendly.