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DunDraCon 45 COVID Policy

DunDraCon will require vaccination for COVID-19, with no exceptions, for membership at DunDraCon 45. We also will require masks for anyone not specifically exempted by CDC policy and present Santa Clara County regulations.

Please refer to our full policy statement

Member Information

You can buy memberships for any number of people from this application. If you want to add another person, click the "Add Another" button, If you are done, click the "Checkout" button. You will then be sent to the secure Paypal website, where you can purchase the memberships with a credit card or paypal.

What We Need From You For Each Membership:

Legal name: first and last. The ones that appear on your official ID. (We need your legal name for our database; our insurance people insist on this.)

Badge name: What you want your badge to say, if different than your real name. Keep it clean. (How clean? Think of some nervous mother, looking around the conscape, trying to decide if it's safe to let her eight-year-old son play. If your name would freak her out, we reserve the right to refuse to use it.)

Email address: If you are registering several people, make sure we get an email address for everyone who has one. Each person will get a individual email letter with their DDC information.

Mailing address: Number and Street, or P.O. Box; City; State; ZIP or Postal code; Country (if not USA)

Cell Phone: A phone number at which you can be reached.

Emergency Contact and Phone Number: The phone number of someone you know who can come to your aid if something has happened you at the con. Your parents, for example, or your non-gaming spouse. If you are a minor, this must be your parent or guardians' number.

Onsite Contact: The name and number of someone who will be at the convention (a friend, parent, etc.).

What Kind Of of Membership?

4-day: Most people like to come for the entire convention; from Friday afternoon through Monday afternoon. Our Pre-Reg. Price is $60.00 until January 31; January 31 is the last day to pre-register

One-Day: If you can come for only one day, you can get a One Day membership. Note that a day of con membership starts at 6:00 PM the night before and continues till midnight of the day itself, so a Sunday membership would go from 6:00 PM Saturday, through Sunday, until 12:00 Monday morning or until your late-night game ends. The One Day price is $45.00.

In-Tow: If you're coming to the convention with a nongaming spouse, parent, small child, or other person who is not interested in playing our official games, but just wants to look at the dealer's room and so on, you can request a Free In-Tow badge, either by filling in the form below or from the Registration Desk at the con. They can't register for games through the Game Reg. system, but the badge allows entrance to all other convention areas. If your In-Tow decides they want to play some official games after all, come to the Registration Desk to upgrade it.

There must a 4-day or 1-day membership to be In-Tow to! To submit an In-Tow membership, please use the "Another" button at the bottom of the form to add the In-Tow attendee's information, rather than filling in the Type of In-Tow and In-Tow To fields on the paid membership. If the registration team can't determine who is the paid member and enough data about the In-Tow, you will be sent e-mail asking for clarification and the membership will not be processed until everything is sorted out.

More information on In-Tow privileges.

Attendee information

Note: We reserve the right to retain $5 per
refunded membership for processing costs.

4-day Membership: $60.00
1-day Friday: $45.00
1-day Saturday: $45.00
1-Day Sunday: $45.00
In-Tow Badge: Free
(Child, Spouse, Aide-de-Camp, etc.)
(Name of 4- or 1-day badge holder)
Note: In-tow badges (free) can be requested during the convention.

Will be fully Vaccinated by February 11 (Required)

State: Zip/Postal Code:

Emergency Contacts


If you have any questions, please contact our Registration Coordinator