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DDC 45 Hotel Move

DunDraCon, Inc. is proud to announce that DunDraCon 44 will be our 29th convention at the San Ramon Marriott and will take place there on February 14-17, 2020. We are dedicating this convention to the friendly and helpful staff of the San Ramon Marriott, who have been so good to us over the years. Last year we set a record of 1850 attendees, and we invite everyone to help us break that record next February. We will be having special events to celebrate and invite you all to share your favorite stories and photos from past conventions at the San Ramon Marriott.

The only real problem we have had there is the fact that we have grown to completely fill that hotel and they simply cannot add more function space, sleeping rooms, or parking to accommodate our growing attendance and space needs. Therefore we are proud to officially announce that we have signed a contract with their much larger sister hotel, the Santa Clara Marriott Hotel, to hold DunDraCon conventions there starting with DunDraCon 45 in 2021. We will have the same helpful, friendly, and professional service, as we are staying in the Marriott system, but we will have more function space, sleeping rooms, and parking.

As posted below, Mark Schynert was interviewed by Saul and Jolene Morales at Podbean.com. We will post further details on DunDraCon 45 in the future, but for now we want to concentrate on DDC 44 in 2020 at the San Ramon Marriott. Here is Mark's summary of the podcast:

High points:

We've been at the San Ramon Marriott Hotel since 1992 (DDC 16); DDC 44 in 2020 is going to be our 29th convention in San Ramon. We view it as a celebration and will dedicate the next convention to the friendly staff at the San Ramon Marriott for their many years of support.

In 2021 we move to the Santa Clara Marriott, preserving the relationship with the Marriott, as we simply have outgrown our venue in San Ramon. Moving will answer our concerns about room availability for our membership, persistent problems with parking, and a need for additional space for games and other events.

We have an initial block of up to 433 rooms that members can reserve at the contract price of $140/night. Once those are gone, the Santa Clara Marriott will likely still have plenty of rooms, but they will be at a higher rate, to be determined by the hotel. Of those rooms, 333 are doubles, and 100 are kings; all the kings also include a sleeper sofa.

Parking is a separate room charge (or separate voucher for day visitors) of $5/day, comparing favorably with what other conventions are costing. There is much more parking, since guests have access to gated parking away from the parking structure, leaving the latter strictly available for day visitors.

We have much more space for nearly everything, since we have over 5,500 additional square feet of convention space, plus five more break-out rooms than before. All break-out rooms are in the same area, on two floors, with easy access from a staircase (as well as elevators). There will be no more elevator bottlenecks while trying to get to a game.

There are about five restaurants within walking distance, and more within a short drive, plus a shopping center located on the other side of Mission College Boulevard. There was also a detailed discussion of some programming changes we're considering, both with board and card games, and with RPGs. The emphasis here was on DDC 44, with onward application to DDC 45.

Listen to Mark's interview on Gaming Perspectives with Saul and Jolene