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Ruthless Pirates

Scott Caputo

Development Level: Nearly Ready
Style: Party
Type: Card
Length: 1 hour
Players: 5-8

Players take turns being the Pirate Captain. The Captain draws out a number of treasure cards to divvy up among all of the players in any way he chooses. The Captain may give multiple treasure cards to one player and give none to another player. Players are free to negotiate and threaten to try to get the best treasure cards. Then all players except for the Captain vote on whether they like the distribution of treasure or not. If over 50% of the players vote yes, the distribution passes and everyone keeps their treasure cards. If not, the Captain is killed and the next player becomes the Captain to try to divvy up the same treasure cards among the remaining players using the same process. The game consists of 7 pots in all and players killed in one pot come back in the next pot, so no player is permanently eliminated. The player with the most points after 7 pots wins.