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Night Owl Workshop

Development Level: Early Beta Test
Style: Intermediate
Type: Board
Length: 1
Players: 4

A cooperative game for 2-4 players. Each player gets a character with variable abilities like a Paladin or Wizard. A random Darklord is chosen such as a Goblin King or Vampire Queen. Map tiles are randomly dealt face down. Travel to each location to uncover what is in the map tile and defeat the minions of the Darklord to clear a tile. Once all the tiles are cleared the players win. Doom tokens can be drawn throughout the game that increases the Darklord's power. If Doom level reaches the end of the Doom Track before the map is cleared the Darklord wins. Contains dozens of monsters, spells, & magic items. The town of Hawkmoor is in the center of the map that the characters can travel to in order to resupply, heal, or level up.