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Nation State

Mark Schynert

Development Level: Late Beta Test
Style: Complex
Type: Board
Length: 2
Players: 5

Age of Nations is a complex civ-building game. Players choose actions in turn, but the most advantageous actions are roles, to which each player in turn can play. Other actions are solitary to the player acting.

There are four primary currencies: gold, tempo, worker assignment and food, and managing the currencies is critical to efficient play. For example, some population types are more efficient at some actions than others, and some actions, such as Produce, require specific population types. Likewise, food is key to securing other commodities that in turn allow recruitment of specific populations and development of the position.

Direct player competition occurs with regard to colonization, as players compete for territory in an auction format, pre-emptively attack territories, or even go to war with other players. All combat is confined to colonies; home territories are secure.

Every player has slightly different victory point opportunities, but there is also a large common base of available points.

The game is punctuated by the existence of opportunity cards, which allow selective rule breaking, unusual exchanges, or, by default, extra food or cash. These cards also used at random for combat resolution.