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Nightlife: Swing the Deal

Keith Nemitz

Development Level: Alpha Test
Style: Intermediate
Type: Card
Length: 1
Players: 2-5

It’s the 1950s. A new breed of professionals took on old-guard, war profiteers, and the first TV soaps echoed their scandalous escapades. Neon lights and skyscraper heights are your jungle. Put your company in the spotlight by forging lucrative deals with top moguls. To sway them, you can meddle with and sacrifice the private lives of your employees.

Overview In Nightlife - Swing the Deal, you are the boss. Players take individual turns:

Relationships make Nightlife special. A strong affair between rivals, conquers all. But hearts are fickle and relationships fragile, should they fail, swinging the most deals wins!

The Cards and Concepts To invoke the Muse of soap opera, Nightlife adds new concepts to tabletop gaming: Multiple personas (cards) per character, offering deep, rich characters. Social dynamics: passions and weaknesses enable Moments. (knock a rival down a peg, or discover affections that can lead to affairs...) Relationship dynamics: joy, strength, & split. Choose Actor and Target to flaunt who is causing what drama to whom.
Website: http://mousechief.com