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Free Luna

Josh Costello

Development Level: Early Beta Test
Style: Intermediate
Type: Card
Length: 1
Players: 1-4

Free Luna is a new cooperative deckbuilding game. Players are a cabal of revolutionaries plotting to overthrow Terra's oppressive regime and win freedom for the Moon. Work together to recruit Character cards (like Activist, Anarchist, Hacker, and Celebrity) that generate Influence and Credit. Assign Characters to Missions (like Peaceful Protest, Sabotage, and Seize the Spaceport) that move the revolution forward. The Terran government disrupts your plans by arresting and assassinating your recruits, manipulating Public Opinion through Propaganda, and planting Moles in your deck. Can you survive long enough to inspire an Uprising? The people of Luna are depending on you!
Website: https://www.facebook.com/PastBedtimeGameDesign