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Rush Hour Race

Michael Dunsmore

Development Level: Late Beta Test
Style: Casual
Type: Card
Length: 30 min
Players: 2-4

In Brake Lights the objective is simple: be the first driver to reach the exit. Unfortunately it's bumper to bumper traffic and the only way to advance down the highway is by maneuvering through the other vehicles and predicting which lane will move the quickest.

Brake Lights is a quick to play card game based on the universally relatable premise of being stuck in traffic. The game play is quick to learn and intuitive as the mechanics are drawn directly from the theme.

Brake Lights uses an innovative card based mechanic to control the speeds of each lane. Just like in the real world players cannot simply speed ahead and can only move as fast as the traffic in their lane allows. However the lane speeds change each turn, so players must predict which lanes will speed ahead and which ones will come to a screeching stop.

This game features strong player interaction as drivers are jostling for position on the road, and trying to ensure that the highway patrol pulls over their opponents' cars.