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Liege of the Pit

Gabriel Taylor

Development Level: Early Beta Test
Style: Casual
Type: Board
Length: 1 hour
Players: 3-5

The goal of this game is to be the only player left alive. The primary method for achieving this is through D&D-inspired combat. Reducing your opponent's life totals to zero isn't the entire game though - there's also an extremely diplomatic element. Every turn begins with the 'Will of the Pit where the active player is forced to make a choice between cooperating with or betraying other players. There are 75 unique 'Will of the Pit' cards so you'll never see the same one twice in a game. These cards are based on variations of games in game theory - most famous is 'The Prisoner's Dilemma.' These cards constantly seek to help or stress the relationships between the players at the table facilitating benevolence, alliances, collusion, betrayal, and/or vengeance. The game gives the player the all the choices but it's up to the player to decide what they will do. How will their decisions affect the others, their perceptions, and future actions?
Website: https://www.facebook.com/gabe.taylor.940/media_set?set=a.10155652125408574.1073741864.781243573&type=3