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Shadows Over San Lazaro

Dead Alive Games LLC

Development Level: Alpha Test
Style: Intermediate
Type: Board
Length: 2
Players: 4

Shadows Over San Lazaro is an “intra-apocalyptic” cooperative dungeon crawl game for 1-4 players, where you control a squad of colorful characters to complete missions, gather resources, level up, and uncover the mystery behind the crisis affecting the city! In the year 2050, the utopian city of San Lazaro was crippled by a mysterious virus. Quarantined and cut off from the rest of the world, the survivors band together in order to escape the city before they, too, succumb to the infection. The only things standing between you and salvation are rival factions looking to accomplish their own mysterious goals amid this chaos -- and the 'CyMS,' once-ordinary people who have grown maddeningly violent and unpredictable thanks to the disease. Every character in the game is represented by a detailed miniature, possessing their own rich history and personality, as well as powerful cybernetic abilities! Build your squad, fight CyMS, and complete missions to gain experience and level up your characters