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Diana Tenes

Biographical Notes: Poet, Writer/director/producer of children's plays,published book on how to shop thrift stores successfully '90% Off Every day!' on Amazon and Kindle, Costume Designer of Feature Films, actress at Sundance and Sonoma Film Festivals, Creator of Get Your Happy! card games testing since 2017, selling versions of and getting ready to present at a Women's Empowerment conference in March 2018

Get Your Happy!
Cards asks you happy questions about your life and gives you simple activities to do by yourself or in a group. Write your answers down on your Happy Prescription form that you take home with you.

Eric Magnan

Biographical Notes: Designer of Bad Doctor, published by Mayday Games.

Orchards is a light engine building game where players grow an apple orchard by drafting and placing tiles. The player with the most productive apple orchard wins.

Tiki Tree Games

Biographical Notes: I have done several board game house modifications over the past few years. As the GM for my RPG group, I also write my own campaign material. I have several works in progress for market, but nothing official yet.

Dice Tales
Dice Tales is an 'edutainment' game with elements of Sudoku, Yahtzee, and RPGs. A cooperative party game with light competitive elements, players complete their goals independently - everyone can win!

Doomed Legion Games

Biographical Notes: Doomed Legion Games - Makers of Hungry Hungry Hipsters. Magda Heilborn has been designing games with Joel Clark and DLG for the last 8 years. We've been playing a wide variety of games for over 30 years, and our goal is to make games that are light, but entertaining, and strategic but not overly complex.

Millennial Home Buyer
Millennials, your parents expect you to get out of their house. After graduation, the adventure begins, end the game with the best house you can, or, ANY house!

Joseph Brogno

Biographical Notes: I've been nursing a bunch of games for a number of years, signed a couple, but still waiting on them to go to print. You may know me from such films as, 'I tend to bring the same hobby games every year, but next year I'll bring a different bunch.'

Slumber Dust
Play as tooth fairies delivering the best dreams for the children in the area to make collecting teeth easier! Don't give them bad dreams, or they may wake up and stop believing.

BARD Games

Biographical Notes: Budding publisher ready to show you our 2019 Kickstarters!

This 'inverse set collection' game offers a unique decision dilemma each deal, and an 'All or None' scoring system that will have you zapping your friends with cards that evoke a fairies politique. Features the world renowned art of Amy Brown's fairi

Pepto Games

Biographical Notes: Benjamin Ng is a motion graphics designer

Ballroom Blitz
A short tactics game inspired by Chess, Go, and Magic the Gathering.

Drake Villareal

Biographical Notes: I'm an amateur designer who enjoys creating a variety of games.

Astrologica is a tile-laying puzzle-game where players draft and place 2 different shapes of tiles to create a high-scoring constellation.

Ed Turner

Biographical Notes: I've been an RPG designer and developer for several years, but am a rank amateur with board and card games.

A cooperative game about taking down the mob, inspired by the Untouchables.

Night Owl Workshop

Biographical Notes: Designer of Dungeoneer, Murder of Crows, and OSR roleplaying games.

Hawkmoor is a co-operative game that translates classic fantasy roleplaying into a fast playing board game.


Biographical Notes: I designed the Crazier Eights games.

Crazier Eights: Elysium
A gateway fantasy card game for 2-4 players inspired by Greek Mythology. The first player with zero cards in hand wins, & every card has a unique ability.

Crucial Game Co.

Biographical Notes: Noob

Mystic Voyage
Gather resources, build a fleet and fight deadly mythical beasts to attain mystical relics


Biographical Notes: Freelance game designer/developer from Gold Country, CA. Published and upcoming games: Artifice 2013 Hangtown 2015 Sierra West Q2 2019 Coloma Q4 2019 Goodmeeples eta 2020

Goldilocks Zone
A Sci-Fi strategy game where desperate alien transport ships must find new planets to populate. But the conditions must be 'just right'! Not too hot and not too cold...


Biographical Notes: I help coordinate the Protospiel at DunDraCon, and speak regularly in the seminars. Even though I'm a video game designer/developer by trade, my love for tabletop RPGs drives me to create new RPGs constantly.

PlunderQuest RPG
PlunderQuest is a humorous and fast to play tabletop RPG based on the 5th Edition RPG rules you may already know how to play.

Karen Knoblaugh

Biographical Notes: Designer of 'Consumption: Food and Choices,' which is being published in 2019 by Kolossal Games.

Summer of Love
Explore all the Haight-Ashbury has to offer in 1967!

Shadow Balance Games, LLC

Biographical Notes: Jarrett Ford is a game designer/project manager that holds a M.S. in Game Design and CAPM, and has been a project manager on AAA titles including Star Wars: The Old Republic and Dead Space 3. Jarrett is also a lifelong player of board/card/video games alike. He loves to study the 'good, bad and ugly' of game mechanics to not only create a game that is fun and challenging, but easy to interpret by the user. ELEMANCERS is his first Kickstarter game which is slated for Q3 2019 launch.

ELEMANCERS is a 2-6 player team-based fantasy/strategy board game. Incorporates area control, dice/card creature combat, resource management, secret objectives, legendary weapons, and ancient lore. Approximately 1.5 hours to play.


Biographical Notes: Freelance game designer/developer from Gold Country, CA. Published and upcoming games: Artifice 2013 Hangtown 2015 Sierra West Q2 2019 Coloma Q4 2019 Goodmeeples eta 2020

Duel scale worker-placement strategy game based on Prohibition Era gangsters. You place cars, then place workers in buildings adjacent to your cars.

Michael Dunsmore

Biographical Notes: A local Bay Area game designer, Michael's first published game We Need To Talk is releasing this spring from Smirk and Laughter Games. Look for an announcement later this year from Alley Cat Games for Michael's next release.

Your small single island nation is overpopulated and you must go out into the unknown ocean to find new land to settle in this exploration and civilization building game.

Drake Villareal

Biographical Notes: I'm an amateur designer who enjoys creating a variety of games.

Corsica is a heavy euro-style game where players will develop companies of workers to perform actions with increasing efficiency.

Take Flight
Take Flight puts players as the leaders of one of four Cold War factions of flightless birds in a power struggle and space race.

Gabriel Aaron

Biographical Notes: First protospiel- very excited!

Adventurers Wanted
Travel across the kingdom recruiting an adventuring party, buying items, and completing quests... with a Rubik's cube?

Scott Crabtree

Biographical Notes: Amateur game designer. Love games. Love medicine and microbiology. Wanted to combine the two. Together at last!

An asymmetric, take that style game with three different game systems and an infectious disease theme.

Mike Ptak

Biographical Notes: Right now I'm a freelance graphic designer and aspiring game designer! This will be my first time participating in the Protospiel, with a couple of titles I have been developing for a while that are ready for a wider playtest.

The Last Days of Man
The Earth has been invaded and the Torac aliens are consolidating their rule. You as the survivors have one last chance to overthrow the invaders and reclaim the earth!

Star Sea: Captains
You are the captain of your ship! Manage your crew and your vessel while you and your fellow captains patrol the sector, resolving problems and upholding the flag of the union!

Kevin Russ

Biographical Notes: Traveling photographer and game designer. Working on a few designs, with my first signed game planned for kickstarter late 2019/early 2020.

Tiny Tumble Town
Dice and engine/town building game with a Western theme. Specific color and value of dice are stacked according to the building requirements.

Polaris Games

Biographical Notes: Kayla and Ankur are board game enthusiasts who started Polaris Games to explore the world of board games further through design, publishing, and reviews. Trinity is our first game that we've designed and are publishing.

Untitled Cat Game
You and your friends race to pet the most cuddly cats - but be careful, or you just might get the claws! Along the way, you can entice them with treats, or drive them crazy with catnip.

A simple strategy game with pattern recognition. Move or place your tokens to capture an opponent's. The game is small and easy to pack - perfect for your next backpacking adventure or your lunch break.

Mousechief Co.

Biographical Notes: Graduated from university with a degree in Computer Science Engineering. Started working in the greater games industry in the early 90's. Eventually went indie and now perform all the writing, narrative design, and gameplay design for my games. I've published 3 video games on Steam and elsewhere. This time I'm working on a table top game.

Nightlife: Swing the Deal
Cutthroat social maneuvering at venues swank and rank in the 1950s. Take down big-shots, swing big deals, and meddle in affairs for business and pleasure, in the high pressure world of society’s elite.

Giant Cardboard Robots

Biographical Notes: I'm a video game designer who dabbles in board game design on the side. Also among my side projects, I run a hobby business as an international arms dealing selling giant cardboard robot arms to kids of all ages all over the world.

Mercenaries of Esterok
Recruit Mercenaries for cheap. Build up a factions strength and value. Pit them against each other. Profit!

Michael Lefkowitz

Biographical Notes: I'm a full time computational linguist and part time game designer. I focus on games that have completely novel mechanics, and that encourage creativity and emergent gameplay. I have some finished games in search of publishers, and some mostly-finished games in search of playtesters.

Tabletop Detective
A co-op murder-mystery RPG for 2 to 8 players: solve crimes in one-and-done episodes by interviewing witnesses, exploring crime scenes, analyzing evidence, and more. Similar to Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (but with shorter play times). E

3D castle building, tactical strategy and area control

Pacific Rim Publishing

Biographical Notes:

Pocket Mad Scientist
Players compete to assemble and animate a creature from parts stolen from a graveyard.

Mark Schynert

Biographical Notes: Mark Schynert is in charge of Event Scheduling at DunDraCon, and founded the DunDraCon Protospiel at DDC 40. He continues to assist in its administration. He was the consolidating Editor of the Compleat Arduin RPG published in 1993.

Nation State
Euro-style civ game emulating advancement from medieval to modern national states. Limited PvP; no player elimination. Asynchronous turn cycles; hidden and common goals; high interactivity; multiple strategies.


Biographical Notes: Shandy has Kickstarted fancy wooden accessories for Catan and Dominion, and will be running two Kickstarter campaigns in 2019. One for custom RPG dice, and another for a new RPG, A Thousand Faces of Adventure.

A Thousand Faces of Adventure
A Thousand Faces of Adventure marries mechanisms of modern board games with the innovation blossoming in indie role-playing games.

John Brieger

Biographical Notes: John Brieger is a freelance game developer based in Sunnyvale, CA. He works to help small publishers refine their games for market - using his background in user experience design and design research to turn prototypes into products. He also designs his own games.

Live your story, avoid your villain, build the sweetest blackjack pile of treasure in the woods

Glenn Cotter - Headcrafted Games

Biographical Notes: Glenn Cotter has a life-long passion for games and movies, and has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. He began his career as an artist on videogames, then transitioned to work in the film industry. By day Glenn is a visual effects artist working at ILM on feature films, while designing board games at night. His first game 'Fickle' will be released in 2019 from bard games.

Running down an up escalator. Shove, dodge, jump your way to stay on the longest.

Ronald Melencio (Independent Board Game Designer)

Biographical Notes: Ronald Melencio was previously a software engineer, turned Technology Manager. He recently started designing board games early 2018, and is excited to get more involved in the board game community!

Trail Runner
A quick 'in-between and filler' hand management game, themed around trail runner.

A medium-weight euro worker placement and area control game, themed around dogs and marking their territories.

Anne & Don Gilstrap

Biographical Notes: Anne and Don are a father/daughter design team with nearly half a dozen half-begun game designs. They are award-winning playtesters and love to learn from other designers.

Backyard Chickens
Backyard Chickens is an accessible deck builder about caring for and growing a flock of chickens in your backyard.

Allan Chao

Biographical Notes: I'm a first-time game designer. Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing. But I came up with this game idea and some people have enjoyed playing this game I made.

Merchants of Lancaster
Merchants of Lancaster is a fast-paced, quick-thinking business negotiation and deal-making game. It's like a condensed version of the resource trading in Settlers of Catan.

Shane Carr

Biographical Notes: Amateur designer focused on making accessible strategy games, many involving dice building. Made Card Creatr Studio, software for card game prototyping. During the day, works as a software engineer at Google.

Ruby Hunters
Your band of pirates is exploring an archipelago of magical islands. Figure out the set of islands that maximizes your profit. Genre: Early-intermediate dice building and worker placement.