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Michael Lefkowitz

Biographical Notes: I'm a full time computational linguist and part time game designer. I focus on games that have completely novel mechanics, and that encourage creativity and emergent gameplay. I have some finished games in search of publishers, and some mostly-finished games in search of playtesters.

Tabletop Detective
A co-op murder-mystery RPG for 2 to 8 players: solve crimes in one-and-done episodes by interviewing witnesses, exploring crime scenes, analyzing evidence, and more. Similar to Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (but with shorter play times). E

3D castle building, tactical strategy and area control

Pacific Rim Publishing

Biographical Notes:

Pocket Mad Scientist
Players compete to assemble and animate a creature from parts stolen from a graveyard.

Mark Schynert

Biographical Notes: Mark Schynert is in charge of Event Scheduling at DunDraCon, and founded the DunDraCon Protospiel at DDC 40. He continues to assist in its administration. He was the consolidating Editor of the Compleat Arduin RPG published in 1993.

Nation State
Euro-style civ game emulating advancement from medieval to modern national states. Limited PvP; no player elimination. Asynchronous turn cycles; hidden and common goals; high interactivity; multiple strategies.

Dead Alive Games

Biographical Notes: First time game designer, aiming to kickstart our first game in Q2 2019.

Omicron Protocol
Near-future intra-apocalyptic sci-fi miniatures skirmish game played on a 2''x2'' hex board, accessible to board gamers and challenging to miniatures gamers. Fight as rival factions try to survive the deadly crisis affecting the city of San Lazaro.


Biographical Notes: Shandy has Kickstarted fancy wooden accessories for Catan and Dominion, and will be running two Kickstarter campaigns in 2019. One for custom RPG dice, and another for a new RPG, A Thousand Faces of Adventure.

A Thousand Faces of Adventure
A Thousand Faces of Adventure marries mechanisms of modern board games with the innovation blossoming in indie role-playing games.

John Brieger

Biographical Notes: John Brieger is a freelance game developer based in Sunnyvale, CA. He works to help small publishers refine their games for market - using his background in user experience design and design research to turn prototypes into products. He also designs his own games.

Live your story, avoid your villain, build the sweetest blackjack pile of treasure in the woods

Glenn Cotter - Headcrafted Games

Biographical Notes: Glenn Cotter has a life-long passion for games and movies, and has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. He began his career as an artist on videogames, then transitioned to work in the film industry. By day Glenn is a visual effects artist working at ILM on feature films, while designing board games at night. His first game 'Fickle' will be released in 2019 from bard games.

Running down an up escalator. Shove, dodge, jump your way to stay on the longest.

Ronald Melencio (Independent Board Game Designer)

Biographical Notes: Ronald Melencio was previously a software engineer, turned Technology Manager. He recently started designing board games early 2018, and is excited to get more involved in the board game community!

Trail Runner
A quick 'in-between and filler' hand management game, themed around trail runner.

A medium-weight euro worker placement and area control game, themed around dogs and marking their territories.

Anne & Don Gilstrap

Biographical Notes: Anne and Don are a father/daughter design team with nearly half a dozen half-begun game designs. They are award-winning playtesters and love to learn from other designers.

Backyard Chickens
Backyard Chickens is an accessible deck builder about caring for and growing a flock of chickens in your backyard.

Allan Chao

Biographical Notes: I'm a first-time game designer. Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing. But I came up with this game idea and some people have enjoyed playing this game I made.

Merchants of Lancaster
Merchants of Lancaster is a fast-paced, quick-thinking business negotiation and deal-making game. It's like a condensed version of the resource trading in Settlers of Catan.

Samantha Ketcham

Biographical Notes: I used to just write liner stories, and run games made by other people, for still more other people. I started working on Resistor because I'd never found a cyberpunk game that could do what I wanted. I got sick of round about home brews, and trying to explain to people what I wanted and why, no, I don't like playing THAT classic cyberpunk game. This is my first attempt at from-the-ground-up game building, after doing a lot of fan work for Masks: the New Generation, and Changeling: the Lost. I wanted a game with the feel of classic cyberpunk, with more space for divergent tech development. One that let players have wetware and NetSpace access, without the Decker problem. One that looked at the ways identify formation would change as social media evolved to keep up with brain-computing, without just writing it off.

Resistor: High School, Low Life
Near future cyberpunk, Powered by the Apocalypse, angry teens rebelling with brain computers, in the San Angeles megacity. Corporate espionage, betrayal, and bioethics. Plus dinosaurs. And possibly dinosaur-people.

Shane Carr

Biographical Notes: Amateur designer focused on making accessible strategy games, many involving dice building. Made Card Creatr Studio, software for card game prototyping. During the day, works as a software engineer at Google.

Ruby Hunters
Your band of pirates is exploring an archipelago of magical islands. Figure out the set of islands that maximizes your profit. Genre: Early-intermediate dice building and worker placement.