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The Azure Company

Sunday 6 PM meet at Salon 1 entrance door
Room Map
GM: Bob Johnston
Type: RPG
System: 7th Sea
Players: 7
Power Level: Beginning
Variations: 2nd Ed-slightly modified
Genre: Swashbuckling, Romantic, 17th Century, Europe, Her

You are a finder of rare or lost items, but of late you have received multiple requests to find People! 7th Sea is Fast moving & adventure filled. You play a true hero of the land! Rules will be taught Newcomers are welcomed.


Sunday 2pm Open Gaming
Room Map
GM: Tom Gabel
Type: Historical
System: Rhyfler's Pocket Book
Power Level: ~160 points (~6 minis)
Genre: Low-tech sci-fi skirmish

The quar have been embroiled in war for most of their recorded history. Now in Year 11 of Alykinder's Crusade, the latest chapter of the Long War, soldiers on all sides of the conflict eke out a living in trenches and battlefields across Alwyd.

Join us for a few skirmishes between the enigmatic quar - ant-eater like creatures embroiled in war with roughly WWI technology, made by local game company Zombiesmith!

We'll be using the newest ruleset, Rhyfler's Pocket Book. Newcomers to the game system are welcome, and the rules are available from the Zombiesmith website as a free download. Bring your own minis or borrow some of ours, we're aiming for ~160 point fireteams, which is a Yawdryl (sgt.), one specialist, and 4 rhyflers for most factions.
Website: /www.zombiesmith.com/collections/quar-rules

War of Ashes - ShieldBash

Sunday, 10am-1pmish Open Gaming
Room Map
GM: Tom Gabel
Type: Fantasy Mi
System: Shieldbash
Power Level: ~300 points
Genre: Skirmish Fantasy

Pillage the village! Reclaim your stolen (eaten?) heirlooms! Exact vengeance on your ancient foes! Lead a warband of the cute Viking muppet critters as they hack and slash other cute, fuzzy, Viking muppet critters to pieces in glorious battle.

Shieldbash is a delightfully grimsical fantasy skirmish game with easy-to-learn rules, made by local game company Zombiesmith. Newcomers and grizzled veterans both welcome.

I'll have enough models to loan to 3-4 additional players, but feel free to bring your own warbands, too!
Website: /www.zombiesmith.com/pages/war-of-ashes