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P70 The Queen of Spades

Only available via On-line Pre-registration
Friday 2 PM in 508 for 4 hours
Room Map
GM Troupe: Gamer Geekus
Type: LARP
System: Vermillion Games/Shifting Forest
Players: 8
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mature Themes
Genre: Modern
Costume Suggestions: Modern day clothing

Marissa Islington is a powerful and ruthless woman with almost as many enemies as criminal connections. A group of these enemies wake to find themselves trapped on a boat in the middle of nowhere with each other, a suspicious letter, and Marissa herself. Nobody knows how they got there or what will become of them when morning comes.

As the night goes on, murder will be committed and secrets revealed. Everybody has a motive and a past they thought theyÕd left behind.

170 Twisted Fairy Tale Politics

Friday 6 PM in 570 for 6 hours
Room Map
GM Troupe: Dreams of Deirdre
Type: LARP
System: L.A.R.P.S. System
Players: 16
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mature Themes
Costume Suggestions: Fairy tale costuming encouraged, not required

With happy kingdoms, the lives of peasants are turning them into middle class; they are starting to get restless with the rule of the crown. Meanwhile, several border skirmishes have occurred. This has prompted the major powers to start consolidation talks about an Emperor or Empress (or both) to rule all the kingdoms, to strengthen them against each other and the rising middle class...and the strange appearance of the undead. Contingents from the kingdoms are here tonight to negotiate a peaceful power consolidation. Hopefully. Play as your favorite, possibly twisted, fairy tale heroes (and villains) and take on the challenge of trying to negotiate the continuance of your happily-ever-after.

171 Honor the Fallen

Friday 7 PM in Salon AB for 8 hours
Room Map
GM Troupe: Blue Lotus Productions
Type: LARP
System: L5R LARP
Players: 35
Variations: Some Homebrew
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Fantasy East Asia

With the deposing of the former Shogun and a new one in place, the Unicorn Clan seeks to make its move. Two powerful and influential Unicorn Clan nobles seek to gain the upper hand through marriages, while justice seekers look to honor their fallen friend. A great and heroic dragon investigator was murdered some years ago, yet those that knew him shall not forget and seek to redress their loss with justice.

(This game is a reprise of a game that was run a few years back, to honor our fallen friend and writer, Frank Loret de Mola who was killed by a reckless driver not far from the Convention site in September. Please come to our game if you knew or remembered Frank as he did quite a lot of writing for this game and it is the last time we will get to see his creativity and ideas. We will make sure you get a different character if you played this game before and the plot will be changed somewhat to keep things fresh. Thank you.)

271 Snicker-Snack

Saturday 10 AM in 570 for 6 hours
Room Map
GM Troupe: Machimi Games
Type: LARP
System: L.A.R.P.S. System
Players: 15
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Alice in Wonderland
Costume Suggestions: Fantastical; admired but not required

Her Majesty, the Ever-Volatile Red Queen, has halted your croquet game to decide one crucial thing: Who will be WonderlandÕs Champion to slay the recently and terrifyingly announced Jabberwock Invasion? Her Red-Facedness will have SOMEone, or everyoneÕs head will roll.

272 The Bitter End

Saturday 10 AM in Salon A for 6 hours
Room Map
GM Troupe: Ace of Geeks
Type: LARP
System: Homebrew (Rumor Mill + Ability Cards)
Players: 20
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mature Themes
Genre: Space Pirates
Costume Suggestions: Encouraged

The 5th Arm is the most remote region of the Galaxy, cut off by the Xerssi Nebula. Once, only Natives and the Pirates exiled from the Civilized Core made a home there. Now Colonialism has come from the core bringing new targets for Pirate Crews. And when Space Pirates finish a raid, they drink their shares away at...The Bitter End! But can this small station saloon hold the barely restrained rivalries of three pirating crews, united by a job and in need for nuetral groubd to divy out the Cargo?

273 The Expanse: Titanic Machinations

Saturday 10 AM in Salon B for 6 hours
Room Map
GM Troupe: Wolf and Unicorn Productions [Z&R Trubowitch]
Type: LARP
System: Homebrew
Players: 20
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mature Themes
Genre: Science Fiction; The Expanse Universe
Costume Suggestions: Costumes welcome

DATELINE: Othros station, the Belt. A recent mineral discovery by miners on the Ophelia asteroid has brought The United Nations and the Martian Republic together to determine who has rights to the discoveries ?near the old station?. Delegations from Earth and Mars have been dispatched to meet at Othros and establish who has the stronger claim to the find. Following this announcement, the Outer Planets Alliance released the following statement: Like many outposts in the belt, Othros station has been ignored by the governments of Earth and Mars for years. Belters on the station have been operating on the slimmest of margins, jerry-rigging systems to maintain even basic operations, while under constant pressure to increase production to justify their enterprise. Now that these miners have found something new, Earth and Mars intend to decide between themselves who gets to benefit. The Outer Planets Alliance intends to make sure that the belters working at Othros receive just representation. ?Both Earth and Mars have previously described the OPA as a group of fringe fanatics with no real backing; however, with the Anderson Station fiasco a few years ago still fresh in people's minds, it appears they have bowed to public outcry, and allowed the OPA a seat at the negotiations. This is an unprecedented move on the two governments' parts, and many are asking whether this marks a turning point in the conflicts that have been steadily rising for the past few decades between the inner planets and the Belt. Requests for comment from Earth and Mars officials on the OPAÕs involvement were not responded to as of this publication.

471 Last Seat in Storage Room G

Saturday 6 PM in Salon A for 6 hours
Room Map
GM Troupe: Gamer Geekus
Type: LARP
System: GM Fiat
Players: 16
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Star Wars
Costume Suggestions: Look sir, Droids!

The luxury liner 'Princess of the Stars' has been captured by Imperial Troops. Currently, The Empire is searching the ship for something: Is it stolen data, rebel sympathizers, or perhaps the key to unimaginable power? In the base of the ship, below the main decks, just outside the radiation shielding, in a disused maintenance area, behind a locked blast door and a sign marked 'Beware of the Gundark,' an unlikely group of heroes lie in wait to lead a fight whose odds are at least 3720:1.
Website: /www.facebook.com/Gamergeekus

472 Music of the Night: A Prom Mask-erade

Saturday 6 PM in Salon B for 6 hours
Room Map
GM Troupe: 40 Thieves Property Reclamation Agency
Type: LARP
System: Masks: The New Generation setting
Players: 13
Variations: Card draw homebrew system
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Super Hero Comics, with a dose of high school dram
Costume Suggestions: Superhero costumes, capes, prom clothes, formal dresses, suits, masks

Prom night. A rite of passage. A time for romance. For fancy dresses and up-dos, suits and cumberbuns. A time to enjoy being young.

Definitely not a time to worry about your mask-wearing alter-ego.

The Prom Committee thought they�d prepared for everything-- live band, proximity alarms, decorations, psychic dampeners, non-alcoholic punch, power negation fields, flexible dress code, and a highly-sensitive early warning system for both monsters and giant mechs. They even made sure a few chaperones were Heroes in disguise.

Except, for the students of Halcyon High, this year�s Ball has been unmasked.

Evil doesn�t take the night off, just because tickets cost $100 a couple.

The super villain Phantom and his mysterious henchman are the ultimate party crashers. Despite the best efforts of the Halcyon High staff, the entire Prom has become a hostage in the Phantom�s bid for World Domination.

Too bad he isn�t aware exactly how many of those adolescent captives in formal-wear have powers of their own.

Trapped inside the banquet room of the Halcyon City Opera House, a group of young people with extraordinary abilities must come together to escape the villain�s evil clutches, thwart his plans, and show the world just how Super teenagers can be.

But when you�ve always been told your Secret Identity is the most precious thing you have, how can you open up enough to trust a classmate? When you know being honest puts people at risk, how can you tell your date you fight crime?

Can these heroes-in-hiding come together enough to trust each other? Can they save themselves, and, at the same time, just possibly save Prom Night?

Set in the Masks universe of Halcyon City, Music of the Night: A Prom Mask-erade is an adventure in teenage angst, interpersonal conflict, and volatile super powers. After all, puberty�s hard enough without the addition of empathetic projection.

Every character is living a double life-- student, and caped vigilante. Some are friends in one guise, some in the other, and a very rare few know each other as both Super and Normal.

Whether you want to put on the mask and save everyone, or are just dying to see if Jenny and Steve�s relationship will make it through the night, Halcyon High�s Prom is the place to be! Go Centaurs!

571 Under My Skin

Sunday 9 AM in 570 for 6 hours
Room Map
GM: Laurel Halbany
Type: LARP
System: Other
Players: 8
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mature Themes
Genre: Freeform
Costume Suggestions: Comfortable everyday modern clothing

Players work together to create a group of friends, some in committed relationships and some not, whose lives are changed by new love and attraction. We will develop the characters and their relationships to one another, then play out short scenes and flashbacks to fill in the details of their lives and what happens when they are drawn to someone new. Partners and new flames must choose whether they will honor their relationship lines, or cross them. Finally, the group of friends comes together one last time, now changed by their experiences.

This award-winning LARP by Emily Care Boss explores themes of loss, betrayal, openness, trust, and attraction through structured improvisational and collaborative scenes.
Website: www.blackgreengames.com/shop/under-my-skin-pdf

572 Grimm Games

Sunday 11 AM in Salon AB for 6 hours
Room Map
GM Troupe: Team VolarŽ
Type: LARP
System: L.A.R.P.S. System
Players: 30
Variations: some GM Fiat
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mature Themes
Genre: Historical Science Fiction
Costume Suggestions: not required, but any early 70's or supers costumes

In 1968, metahumans staged a coup in Greenland, assuming power and creating a metahuman homeland. Four years later, in 1972, the new nation of Thule is recognized by the various world governments, but still considered a threat and destabilizing force. In an effort to establish better relations with the global community, Thule is hosting exhibition Goodwill games. The games are to be televised live; with participants and politicians from around the world in attendance. Can the new nation successfully host these games and at the same time establish new relations with a world that views them with fear and suspicion? This is a sequel to the exciting 2015 Grimm New World larp, but new previous game experience is needed. A Team Volare' production.

671 Throne of Chaos

Sunday 4 PM in 570 for 8 hours
Room Map
GM Troupe: Peculiar Crossroads Productions
Type: LARP
System: Amber Diceless
Players: 20
Variations: Minor alterations
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Fantasy
Costume Suggestions: Literally anything

This event will be an Amber Diceless RPG LARP set (as much as any Amber game can be said to be set in one place) in the Courts of Chaos just after the death of the king. The Timeline will begin after both sets of Zelazny novels, in 'modern times' on Shadow Earth. Characters will be provided and there will not be a points auction. Opportunities for high-danger/high-politics characters as well as low-pressure characters will both be available. Character vs character conflict is to be expected and considered the norm. Assassinations are an acceptable way of dealing with a political rival, though any deaths will have consequences. Extra characters will be available to players who's pc's die to politics.
Knowledge of the Amber universe or rules system is helpful but not necessary to play. All necessary settings and rules will be available at the game via hand-out.

771 A Letter at the Door

Sunday 6 PM in Salon A for 6 hours
Room Map
GM Troupe: Gamer Geekus
Type: LARP
System: GM Fiat
Players: 12
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Victorian England
Costume Suggestions: 1880s England (optional)

Your presence is requested at the home of The Society on a matter of grave importance. We have been betrayed at the highest levels. Your usual attire of mask and coat will be suitable. A coachman will be dispatched to retrieve you. Number 1 will be most disappointed if you do not appear. For, if you do not arrive at the appointed hour, we can only assume that you are a traitor as well.
Website: /www.facebook.com/Gamergeekus

772 The Devil and Nikola Tesla OR Mortal Coil

Sunday 6 PM in Salon B for 6 hours
Room Map
GM Troupe: Chairborne Rangers
Type: LARP
System: TAROT
Players: 20
Variations: Diabolical
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mature Themes
Genre: Science Fiction Infernal Horror
Costume Suggestions: Courtroom/Science/19th-early 20th century

By the crossroads, do or die,
And never another deal offered,
But to sign a contract with the lord of lies,
A priest or a nun surely scoffer,

Enter a man of science, with electric dreams,
And desperate need to fill coffers,
Who will gladly see fruition of his schemes,
And accept any dark proffer.

But the hour is nigh, the devil his due,
You can expect he�ll accept no counter offer,
But answering the call, to legal defense,
Past victims of Lucifer hear shophar!

Will Nikola Tesla suffer infernal damnation,
Sentenced by judge reaper in gauffer?
Or will Mister Scratch be finally outmatched,
By lawyer, statute, and Sopher?

1943, Nikola Tesla lays dying in New York City. Satan approaches, ready to collect the promised soul of the inventor. With his dying breath, Tesla demands a fair trial. With a flash and a bang, Satan produces a kangaroo court!

The Morning Star will not be denied, but Tesla has a plan to beat the devil...