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Grimm Shock

GM Troupe: Team Volare'
Type: LARP
System: L.A.R.P.S. System
Players: 30
Variations: Some GM Fiat
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mature Themes
Genre: Historical Science Fiction
Costume Suggestions: None required, but early 70's or Supers costume is fine

Saudi Arabia, Spring 1974. Six months after the OPEC oil embargo created an international oil shock and enflamed geopolitical tensions, a summit has been called to find a solution. Representatives from the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and the meta human nation of Thule are attending. World Powers and Super Powers will collide. A Team Volare' Production.

Crowd Computing

GM Troupe: 40 Thieves Property Reclamation Agency
Type: LARP
System: Resistor: High School, Low Life
Players: 10
Variations: Card draw mechanic
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Cyberpunk
Costume Suggestions: Cyberpunk through a rebellious teen lens-- 00?s nostalgia, geek chic, scrap computer goth, punk-by-way-of-Ambercrombie-and-Fitch, distressed military, sports, or school uniforms, strange combinations

In electronic circuits, resistors are used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages, bias active elements, and terminate transmission lines.

Colloquially, the term Resistor refers to an individual who uses subterfuge to deliberately disrupt the normal function of political, corporate, or economic operations in order to achieve a goal.'
'Resistor' Netpedia article, n.d.

San Angeles, California, the near future.
You?ve all known each other for years. In fact, you've kind of grown up together. You?ve shared successes, failures, painful breakups, bad grades. You've watched each other develop, and learned together what you love by trying on new personalities, sometimes via identity theft. You've hacked banks, redistributed wealth, committed corporate espionage, and engaged in random acts of cyber-vandalism together.

But you've never met.

Now, with your entire friendslist right at the edge of gaining the age Of Human Majority, and the legal accountability that comes with it, it's time for you to connect in MeatSpace. To see each other face to face, and pull off one last Resistor mission, before you ran the risk of being tried as an OHM.

Through the NetSpace gossip channels, you've discovered Diazo-Kingman Tele-Computing has made a breakthrough in unhackable hosting and data storage. No self-respecting Resistor would let them get a monopoly on tech that should be public. So you laid out the perfect plan.

Your friendslist would connect in the real world by breaking into DZK's Downtown San Angeles headquarters. You'd crack their ICE, and broadcast the tech to the people at large.You filled your in-brain computing wetware with scripts that gave you all sorts of ninjatech skills, and uploaded the blueprints of the building.

Something overheated.

You don't know what blue-screened, but now you and your friendslist are trapped in a nearly empty room, behind reinforced steel walls, and a faraday field that's locked down your ability to connect to NetSpace outside.

Escape isn't an option. All you can do is figure out what is going on, and how you can spin it to your advantage when CorrecSec shows up.

But someone's left data in here with you. Puzzles. Hints about what DZK has been doing. Clues about what they've discovered. Why you're trapped, and who's responsible. Hints that you were sold out.

If you can figure them out, they might give you options. But you'll have to decide who you trust to help you, and who's just out for themself.

Surrounded by people you thought were your friends, with no way to leave until the doors are opened, you're racing against a clock you can't see to figure out what the hell is going on, and how you can make it work out in the long run.

You're a Resistor. You disrupt the current. And you've certainly disrupted it for DZK.

Thing is, you're not sure if when they do let you out, they're planning to arrest you, or interview you.

A game about angry teens with in-brain computers, set in a near future possible reality. Collaboration is necessary, trust is hard.

(While this game has teen characters, and mainstream content, it was not designed specifically as a Teen LARP.)

Resistor is a Powered by the Apocalypse game in development by the GM.

A Little Magic

GM Troupe: Gamer Geekus
Type: LARP
System: GM Fiat
Players: 8
Variations: Some house rules
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Modern
Costume Suggestions: Modern day college attire

A simple story about love and dreamers. Brookview is an engaging New England town with a wealthy and aloof leading family, a quaint local college, and a little magic.

On a clear night in late November, a group of college friends all associated with the same enigmatic professor gather in a warm house under a full moon. Romance and magic are in the air.

The Hero's Reward

GM Troupe: Tempest in a Teapot Productions
Type: LARP
System: 7th Sea
Players: 30
Variations: Modified L.A.R.P. syster rules
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mature Themes
Genre: 16th and 17th century European Swashbuckling!
Costume Suggestions: 16th and 17th century, European Courtiers, Pirates, Gowns, Ren-Faire garb

Intrigue, secret societies, and plots against the king! Tempest in a Teapot Productions returns from an 8 year GMing Hiatus to bring you another exciting adventure in the world of Theah and the amazing 7th Sea setting.

War rages in Theah. The might of the Montaigne war machine brings destruction on two fronts, and the people of Castille have suffered a series of defeats - morale hangs in the balance. Yet in its darkest hour, Theus provides a glimmer of hope. Good King Sandoval and the court of Castille have gathered to honor a war hero, through who's actions a major blow has been dealt to the Montaigne invaders. The best, brightest, and most influential have turned out, and they have brought their intrigues and schemes with them. Tonight Inquisitors and spies hatch plans in the shadows, scientists and explorers search an ancient palace for secrets and relics long forgotten, and courtiers engage in the ruthless struggle to control the Castillian throne and its young King. Dastardly deeds must be dashed, buckles must be swashed, for tonight, you are the Hero that Theah needs.

Escape Room: Engineering to the Holosuite

GM Troupe: Team Woodbury
Type: LARP
System: Cooperative Problem Solving
Players: 8
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Family
Genre: Star Trek DS9
Costume Suggestions: Any DS9-era Trek

You finally took Quark up on his 2-for-1 holosuite deal. It seemed like such a great way to blow off a little steam with some friends. Unfortunately, you seem to have triggered an old Cardassian boobytrap, sealing the room and shutting down most of the systems. Engineering is locked out, transporters aren't functioning, and there's an ominous countdown proceeding toward zero. You need to somehow make sense of the station's systems and puzzle your way out of this before something bad happens.

1. This is a game event that requires you to use your keen mind and powers of deduction to succeed. While knowledge of Trek may be entertaining, it is not necessary.
2. Gather items, find codes, and solve puzzles to restore system functions and escape.<br>3. Strategy and cooperation with your team members is essential more heads are definitely better than one.<br>4. Failure to escape the holosuite is nothing to be embarrassed about. After all, you are matching wits with the Cardassians, widely known for their devious plots and ingenious traps.<br>5. Do not worry if you are still in the holosuite when time expires. Odo has told Quark he's not allowed to charge you extra.<br>6. Dressing like your Trek character may help

The Unseelie Accords

GM Troupe: Peculiar Crossroads Productions
Type: LARP
System: Dresden Files
Players: 20
Variations: Invented System
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Supernatural Noir
Costume Suggestions: Pick a character type from the Dresden books and you'll fit in.

In 1994, two dozen members of the Supernatural Community were gathered by Mab, queen of Air and Darkness and met in Milwaukee to discuss the Unseelie accords. You will be one of those individuals, defining the future of the world and the fates of everyone.

Instead of running Amber this year, we've decided to do a Dresden Files style LARP. Players will be taking on the roles of canon characters, new arrivals and historical individuals. Knowledge of the series is useful but not required. Come prepared for politics, intrigue, and mystery. Costuming is encouraged.

Star Wars: After

GM Troupe: Blue Lotus Productions
Type: LARP
System: Homebrew
Players: 30
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Space Opera/Sci-Fi

Five years after the Rebellion was successful and with the death of the Emperor and Darth Vader, Grand Admiral Thrawn took charge of the Empire and when to war against the New Republic (For more read about 'Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy'). Thrawn was finally defeated and killed, and ten years later an imposter tried to take his place and failed (for more read about 'The Hand of Thrawn' duology). With the Imperial Remnant in tatters and on the edge of defeat, the Remnant sues for peace and proposes a diplomatic summit to hammer out a treaty with the New republic. It is agreed upon and is set to take place on Yavin IV where Luke Skywalker and his wife Mara Jade Skywalker can keep an eye on the proceedings. Yavin IV is also where Luke Skywalkers new jedi temple is located, and where his students will remain training and observing the forming of the treaty. Delegates from both sides will certainly be looking to gain advantage in the coming negotiation, both sides must be wary of possible sabotage.

Oliver Jones and the Turbulent School

GM: John Kim
Type: LARP
System: Homebrew
Players: 10
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Family
Genre: Modern Fantasy/Harry Potter

Set in 2049, two generations from Harry Potter's day, this is a time of hope and a time of turmoil at Hogwarts. The wizarding world has been shaken up, and the new Hogwarts students are stranger than ever - mixing not just muggle-borns and purebloods, but also half-giants, goblins, and even house elves. This is a character-based larp about difficult adjustments, with various Harry Potter references and a dollop of magic.
Website: darkshire.net/jhkim/rpg/larp/wizardingworld/

The Continuum Conundrum

GM Troupe: Dreams of Deirdre
Type: LARP
System: L.A.R.P.S. System
Players: 24
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Star Trek
Costume Suggestions: Any generation of crew uniform

Space: the often-returned-to frontier. This is the crew of the Starship Valiant, NCC-1623, going boldly wherever Starfleet tells them to. But in this stretch of unexplored space, things are about to go terribly astray.

This game is set in an archetypal Star Trek universe with the camp turned up to 11. Any generation of Trek crew costuming is welcome.
Website: dreamsofdeirdre.org

Escape from New York

GM Troupe: Ace of Geeks
Type: LARP
System: Homebrew (Resource management)
Players: 20
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Post-apocalyptic pulp
Costume Suggestions: 1980s apocalypse

You are a convict on island of Manhattan. The government has decided to cut off all supplies drops, so it is up to you and your fellow convicts to survive. Will you build up your own gang to take over the entire island, or will you focus on breaking out and teaching the government a lesson.
This LARP uses a homebrew mechanic that is a blending of Minecraft, civilization, and Escape from New york. Each gang will be responsible for a much needed resource. These resources can be used to build defenses, weapons, or other assests to advance your team's goals. It can be cooperative or competitive. There isn't really combat built into the game, it is more of a political/social game, but we want you to feel like you can play the game however you want! It is the same mechanic with some slight tweaks as our Goblintown game.

Fallout: Showdown at Bighorn Gulch

GM Troupe: Shiny Thing Games
Type: LARP
System: GM Fiat
Players: 15
Variations: Fallout, Quiet Year
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Post-Apocalypse, Western
Costume Suggestions: Western, Mad Max, Fallout (optional)

Caesar's Legion has fallen in the wake of the Battle of Hoover Dam, but bands of desperadoes still plague the Mojave. Towns find themselves forced to choose between freedom and the risk of annihilation, or the restrictive protection of the expanding New California Republic.
The people of Bighorn Gulch are threatened by vicious deserters looking for the most precious resource in the Wasteland: clean water. With only days to prepare, the ranchers, farmers, and traders of Bighorn must decide whether to stand and fight, or to flee into the hills.

Ghost Court

GM: Antonio Morton
Type: LARP
Players: 15
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mature Themes
Costume Suggestions: None

Ghost Court is a live action roleplaying game for 6 or more players about ghosts and humans who sue one another in small claims court. Players will rotate roles as plaintiffs, defendants, judge, bailiffs, and court clerks.
Bully Pulpit Games
Website: bullypulpitgames.com/games/ghost-court/

Alpha Complex Goes To The Olympics

GM: Randall Koutnik
Type: LARP
System: Paranoia
Players: 12
Variations: Form-based combat
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Hilariously Dystopian

Friend Computer has decided to hold a competition to decide who is the most loyal sector, with huge rewards for the winner. Naturally, the secret societies have all planted their best and brightest to try and take first place.

Join us for fierce competition, wacky artifacts, next-level hacking and form-based combat.

NOTE: Despite 'Olympics' in the title, no physical ability is required to play.