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FAQ for DunDraCon Bazaar

Q1 How many hours can I be guaranteed a table at the bazaar?
A1 Three hours.

Q2 If I am at the end of my three hours, and there is no one else coming in to replace me, can I stay longer?
A2 Yes, as long as you pay the $10.00/hour fee.

Q3 Can I reserve a second three hour block?
A3 No, but see A2. After the initial three hours, time can only be reserved 1 hour at a time.

Q4 If I sell out or decide no one is going to buy anything after two hours, after buying a three hour block, can I get my money back for the last hour?
A4 Only if there is someone ready to take the place. Someone else may have been turned away because the table was already reserved. By all means talk to me about the problem if you need to leave early – This ruling can be negotiated.

Q5 Do I have to reserve a three hour block?
A5 Nope. Two hours or even one hour is fine.

Q6 How do I reserve a table before the convention?
A6 You can't.

Q7 Can I set up 10 minutes before the start of my time?
A7 Only if there is a table free to set up on. If all the tables are taken, the people on the tables must take down in their last few minutes, and you can start setup when they are done.

Q8 Can I wait until after my time is over to take down my display.
A8 Only if there is no one waiting to take your table. Otherwise, please take down in the last 10 minutes or so of your reserved time. Check with me to see if there is someone waiting for your table.

Q9 I am starting on the first hour of the bazaar. Can I get to my table to setup ahead of time?
A9 I will be in the room taking reservations at least one half hour before start. You can reserve your tables and setup then.

Q10 I am in the last hour of the bazaar. Can I wait until the bazaar is over to take down my display?
A10 Yes, you have half an hour.

Q11 I was given two copies of the same game for Christmas. Can I sell one at the bazaar still sealed?
A11 Yes. Sealed products are good as long as they are just the one (or just a few in the case of things like miniatures) of an item.

Q12 I have some old games to sell that are missing some dice, or other non-essential parts.
A12 You can sell any part of a game as long as (1) it’s yours to sell and (2) the buyer is aware of the condition of the game/game piece.

Q13 I own/work at a game store and only have 1 day to attend DunDraCon. Can I bring in some store overstock to sell at the Bazaar and help pay for my convention?
Q13 No. That puts you in competition with the stores in the Dealer Room, who are paying a lot more in both time and money to sell games, including their own overstock. If you want to sell your stock at DunDraCon, and are not in the Dealer Room, talk to one of our game store Dealers and see if they’ll take it on a consignment basis.

Q14 I have some handcrafts that I would like to sell in the bazaar.
A14 Fine, as long as they can be displayed on a table top. There is no room for things like clothes racks and the like.

Q15 Can I make things to sell at the bazaar while people watch? This includes things like painted miniatures, Sculpy figurines, sketches, embroidered dice bags, etc.?
A15 Yes, as long as (1) no food and (2) the creation process doesn’t cause a traffic hazard.

Q16 Can I rearrange my bazaar table placement?
A16 You can push it to the wall and stand in front of it to better interact with your potential customers. You cannot (1) remove the table entirely or (2) change its facing so it is pointed long-way-out into the traffic flow or (3) move it out into the hallway and sell from there.

Q17 What was the charge for a table again?
A17 $10/hour. Checks should be made out to DunDraCon Inc. and have your convention member number on them.

Q18 Can I have my mother (brother, wife, sister, best friend) come in to sell my stuff while I enjoy the convention?
A18 Only if you buy a one day membership for them. This is a service to the members of the convention.

Q19 I need to have my computer available to keep track of sales and take orders for my hand crafted items, etc.
A19 Hope you have a good battery in your laptop. We are not supplying any electrical connections.

Q20 I have a small startup game company and want to use the bazaar to sell my games.
A20 Fine, as long as they are YOUR product, and you are not selling some other company’s new product. And yes, you can sell your new game and some old used games at the same time. If you are a company that has been producing games for some time and have a backlist, you belong in the Dealer Room.