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Welcome to DunDraCon!

The West Coast's Premier Game Convention

COVID-19 Advisory

We are taking submissions for events, volunteers, etc. as normal. We are working under the assumption that we will be able to hold DunDraCon 45 in 2021 as planned.

However, Con Reg will stay closed at least until December 1. That will save everyone the work and hassle involved in figuring out what to do with memberships if the COVID-19 situation forces us to postpone DunDraCon 45 to 2022

Database of Online Games

With the expansion of Online Gaming due to COVID-19, we now offer a place for our community to advertise their online events

If you'd like to advertise your Event (whether game, podcast, or whatever, as long as it is game-related), you can add it to our database with the button below.

Submit an Online Game

If you'd like to see what events are currently available, click the button below.
Display Online Games

Both buttons live permanently in our Community area.

Black Lives Matter

DunDraCon is unequivocally in support of ending racism, both as an attitude and as a component of the structure of social institutions. We re-emphasize our opposition to all forms of bigotry in the content we host at our convention, and encourage participation by all content providers and players.

DunDraCon is Moving in 2021!

We hope you had fun playing games and visiting with friends at DunDraCon 44 (Sparky certainly did!).

Now that we’ve said “goodbye” to our long-time home and the excellent staff in San Ramon, we are all excited about next year’s DunDraCon and are already hard at work planning it. With DunDraCon 45 we will be moving to the Santa Clara Marriott. It will be a big change for all of us and we really hope you will join us as we move to the heart of Silicon Valley and settle in at this much larger venue. There will be more function space for our many events, as well as more sleeping rooms and more parking (Hooray!).

Please follow the link for more information about our new hotel home:

More details

Remember: Though you have many months before it's time to submit official events, it's never too early to start planning to run a game or consider giving a seminar on a topic that relates to gaming...

See you next February in Santa Clara!

DunDraCon - a Celebration

What is DunDraCon?

Shay's Games - Advice for Convention GMs Shay is compiling a list of "Tips for Convention GMs". Take a look!

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