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Welcome to DunDraCon

The West Coast's Premier Game Convention

Countdown to DDC39:

Event Schedule up The Event schedule is up for Games, Seminars, the War College and Martial Arts Demos.The Adventurers League and Pathfinder Society have their schedules up on the Warhorn

We will have the Stanford Bloodmobile on Saturday from 1 to 5 PM. Trade a pint of blood for a pint of delicious Baskin-Robbins ice cream!

As more departments confirm their schedules, the "Events" section of the left-hand menu will expand.

Game Submission period closed The time to submit games for DunDraCon 39 is over.

The final schedule should be up around Jan. 20.

Electronic Game Reg. will begin Feb. 1, and run until 5:00 PM Thursday, Feb. 12

There is still time to fill out a volunteer form. 4 hours earns you a Priority Slip; 8 hours and we'll refund your Convention registration (you must register for the convention first).

Marriott Sold Out! Yes, the Marriott is sold out for DDC 39. That doesn't mean you won't have a place to sleep (and maybe even in the main hotel), but it'll take patience, persistence, and alternative plans. Things to do:

Adventurers League The D&D Adventurers League will be running organized play D&D 5 scenarios at DunDraCon 39. There will be an introductory adventure available all day throughout the con. See the Adventurers League page for more information.

Pathfinder Society The Pathfinder Society will once again be running games at DunDraCon. See the Pathfinder Society page for more information.

D&D 5th Edition Intro Games We plan to have an entire track of D&D 5th Edition introductory games at DDC 39. These games will be short (4 hours), designed for the free basic rules available online from Wizards of the Coast®.

This is not organized play like the Adventurers League or Pathfinder Society—there will be no official prize support, no competitive rankings, and no fixed scenarios. Each GM comes up with his or her own content.

If you are an experienced convention GM, please consider running one or more introductory scenarios of D&D5.

Shay's Games - Advice for Convention GMs Shay is compiling a list of "Tips for Convention GMs". Take a look!

DunDraCon Webstore Now you can get official DunDraCon mugs, hats, bags or stickers! Just follow this link to our Web Store, or click on the "DDC Cafepress" button in the header bar.

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