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Welcome to DunDraCon!

The West Coast's Premier Game Convention

Please be advised that email service on website forms is down, meaning that no forms work. It my look like it sent your form information to us, but we won't get it.

Online Games Registration is suspended until further notice.

Please use the paper slips at the Information table for Games Reg.

Database services should be up (though they have been fluctuating), we will fix access problems as soon as we see them.

Game Reg. results do not use the database, and will be posted as normal. We apologize for this inconvenience, and will have a new web hosting service for next year.

Local Eateries giving discounts! Show your DDC badge and get:

10% off at Little Madfish
10% off at Muscle Maker Grill
Free drink with purchase at Baja Fresh.

Convention book now available The DDC 43 convention book is now available for download, or even just to look at.

DDC 43 Book

Volunteer Buttons! Bang the drums and throw flowers! The special edition DDC 43 volunteer pins are here! Volunteer at the con to get one of these chic pins (while supplies last)."
DDC 43 Volunteer Button

Buyers' Bazaar News The Buyers' Bazaar sessions held at various times throughout the convention are being consolidated into a single Free Swap Meet (Buy, Sell, Trade or Give Away) Monday morning starting at 9:30 or 10 AM in Salon FGH. Details are still being resolved.

The Hotel is sold out!

Yes, the hotel sold out before the website went live, surprising us.

Alternative Hotels

If you'd rather stay off-site, we have negotiated special DunDraCon rates with the following hotels:

All Alternative Hotels

Courtyard San Ramon
Residence Inn San Ramon
Hyatt House

In Memoriam
Greg Stafford


I just learned of the death of Greg Stafford. I think it was 1974 when I met Greg through his game White Bear & Red Moon. D& D was just out and we all thought it was a great boardgame version of D&D. A few months later, Greg dropped by our regular Monday night game and impressed us all.with his creative approach.

A few months and some meetings at conventions later, Jeff Pimper and I went to Greg for advice on publishing our compilation of fan-generated monsters called All the Worlds' Monsters. He persuaded us to let him publish the book and its sequels.

In 1976, he asked me to participate in creating the RPG that became RuneQuest. That story has been told many times. A few projects later and I became a Chaosium employee. It was the best three+ years of working that I've ever enjoyed, tho it had to come to an end.

Working with Greg was one of the high points. Greg was an endless font of creativity and he encouraged me into projects that I am proud to have on my resume, and a few that never saw the light of day. He was also a raconteur of great talent and I number some of his stories still in my repertoire, with due credit given.

We had off and on contact after I left Chaosium. Two years ago we spent some time together reminiscing behind the table at the Chaosium booth at GenCon. I am now really sorry I let my back problems derail me from going to GenCon this year.

Rest easy Greg. May your spirit continue to guide us thru the dragon-lifted mountains of Dragon Pass.

-- Steve Perrin

Greg was a regular at Dundracon for many years, always running games and leading a seminar about "What's New at Chaosium".

I first met Greg at DunDraCon; I had become enamored of the Runequest system, and there was the guy that had provided the background! Then, Ellen and I were in the playtest for Pendragon (back in 1983 or so). We were on a nodding-and-casual-chat basis for a while after that; the first time I really got to know him was the Baltimore RQCon, when he asked me to read through the manuscript of what would eventually become Pagan Shores (The Irish Pendragon supplement).

I wrote and edited for Greg, though always on a freelance basis.

At one point, having sold my house and having lots of money in the bank, I loaned him enough money to get Boy King published. He not only paid me back (with interest!), he named a pair of major NPCs in the Great Pendragon Campaign after Ellen and myself. Now, when I see a question on a Pendragon-related site about "What would Earl Roderick do...", I can answer with complete sincerity!

-- Roderick Robertson

Match Game - DunDraCon edition! Extra Special Event! Get Ready to Match With Stars... or at least, the DunDraCon Committee! Yes, that perennial favorite, The Match Game, is coming to DunDraCon 43. Watch this space for more details...=

DunDraCon - a Celebration

What is DunDraCon?

Shay's Games - Advice for Convention GMs Shay is compiling a list of "Tips for Convention GMs". Take a look!

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