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Welcome to DunDraCon!

The West Coast's Premier Game Convention

Special Additional Event!


Playdoh monsters fight for bragging rights and body parts!

Sunday, 2:00 PM in the Kids Room.
Room for 8 Monsters only.

Monsters under 8 years of age must be accompanied by a adult.
Monsters must be able to add.

Good Eats Several of the restaurants in the Target shoopping center have deals for DunDraCon attendees.

Online Games Reg. is now Available You can do all your games reg online on our Games Reg. page.

The online system will be available until 4:30 PM on Sunday the 18th, the end of the Session 8 sign-up period.

From now until 4:00 PM on Thursday the 15th you will be sent a confirmation letter for your on-line registration. After that time, we'll be too busy to send you a confirmation email.

DDC 42 Convention Book uploaded The DDC 42 Convention book is now available.

Volunteer Badges! Be the envy of all other attendees at this year's DunDraCon!

To sweeten the pot for volunteers (no, that's not a marijuana reference), all volunteers will recieve a genuine, one of a kind, never-to-be-repeated "Sparky Volunteer 42" button while supplies last. These button are available this year only, and the master mold will be destroyed after the convention.

These buttons will not be available to the general public. To acquire one of these unique buttons, sign up on our Volunteer page.

War College Seminars Posted The seminars given by the War College are now available.

Event Schedule Now Available The preliminary event schedule has been posted. There may be some minor changes to this, but this is the schedule for all intents and purposes.

Dealers Room Filled Our dealers have been selected. You can see what's on offer at our Dealer's Room page

New Old Convention Books We have recieved copies of the DDC 3 and DDC 6 con books, which means we only need 1 and 2 to collect the whole set! If you happen to find the DDC 1 or DDC 2 "con books" (I have heard the possibility that they were just sheets of paper, rather than proper books...), I'd be very happy to add them to the collection.

Preliminary Seminar Schedule uploaded Our Preliminary (and tentative) Seminar Schedule is now available.

Game Submissions are Closed

If you wish to contact our scheduler, please send a note to: Games@dundracon.com

Painting Schedule Uploaded Looking to add to your store of knowledge? Or create a (miniature) work of art? Or maybe you just want to relax for a while, painting a miniature figure? Our miniatures painting schedule is now available.

DDC 3 Program uploaded! A copy of the DDC 3 program has been uploaded to the site: DDC Program

Many thanks to Matrox Lusch (as he is known on facebook) for the pdf.

Marriott Sold Out!

The Marriott reports that it has sold all the rooms it can block for us for Friday and Saturday, February 16 and 17, 2018. (As of September 7, it was still possible to extend an existing reservation to Thursday the 15th or Sunday the 18th.)

Some rooms will open up as cancellations come in, as they always do - often in the last two weeks before the con. So keep trying... but make alternative arrangements in case the effort doesn't pan out. Check our Alternative Hotel page for overflow housing deals we have made with other hotels.

If you have a room at the Marriott, consider listing it on the Room-share page. You've no obligation to accept any particular offer for it, but if you wind up corresponding with someone congenial, you could make a new friend for life....

  • It's time to apply to be a volunteer at DunDraCon 42.
  • It's time to start getting ready to have a great time!
  • DunDraCon - a Celebration

    What is DunDraCon?

    Shay's Games - Advice for Convention GMs Shay is compiling a list of "Tips for Convention GMs". Take a look!

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